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Saturday, 9 March 2013

Half Time Crystal Palace 1 Leeds 0 - Warnock getting what he wished for!

Well Old Big Gob said he hoped Palace would win promotion so, this far, he is getting what he wished for! To be fair, Leeds are unlucky to be behind. Palace have had more chances, and Kenny has been much the busier of the two keepers, but Leeds have looked half decent on the ball and Varney really should have equalised. Meanwhile, Byram and Warnock Junior have been impressive.

The Palace goal was coming. Peltier and Lees had already allowed two headers from the middle of the box - one saved by Kenny, the other bending a foot wide - so it was no surprise to see Murray deep in the six yard box, unchallenged, heading home Williams' superb cross with both Leeds United centre backs standing, Arsenal style, with arms in the air appealing for offside. Good goal, poorly defended.

Kenny was called into action to save from Parr before Varney had his chance. Green engineered a shooting chance superbly and Speroni saved with his legs, deflecting the ball across the face of the goal. And there was Varney, closing in, with the goal at his mercy. Here was Leeds United's Premiership opportunity. Suddenly time slowed down, Varney seemed to take an age to reach the ball, and three Palace defenders closed like the jaws of a shark on a surfboarder. Varney got there, just, his shot was on target, but was blocked brilliantly.

It's not all bad news for Leeds. Miserablebrough are losing too. And so are Brighton. And Leicester are still only drawing. But Forest are winning, and Bolton, and Watford are ahead so Palace HAVE to win this one to give Warnock what he wished for!


  1. That's your bullshit story blown out of the water.

  2. he who speaketh too soon!

  3. Well it seems neither you nor Warnock got what you wanted in the end!

  4. oh my god! you have actually started doing half time reports of leeds games??? hahaha

    1. yupp can you believe it, what a numpty hf is

  5. I cant see Leeds losing another match this season, a very complete performance..pity we couldn't close it out...but I am not duly concerned with our run in and we are unbeaten away for 3 matches (2 of those teams in the top 5). Perth Whites