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Sunday, 3 March 2013

Redknapp Should Name Agent Destabilising QPR

Lies! Lies! Disgusting lies! 'Arry was pulling no punches when he rubbished reports of a "holiday camp" atmosphere on the QPR Dubai jolly, except when it came to naming the agent responsible for ditching the dirt on the trip.

Of course, agents are easy targets given all fans hate them, but if 'Arry is so sure of the culprit, why doesn't he go ahead and name him? Redknapp insists no players were behind the leak, but it's difficult to believe that unless agents were allowed on the trip.

But then 'Arry might well have welcomed agents along, I suppose. Any deals done in the Arab playground are tax free aren't they? That sounds right up Redknapp's alley!


  1. west london r's3 March 2013 at 08:00

    worry about fat sam and your midget porn chairman,on your journey back to the championship,in a souless venue of stratford with no fans

  2. Oh and i did tell you not to believe all the paper talk about Remy being out for the rest of the season,as you gloated about,but didn't publish my comment when it was just another tabloid guess,fabrication on that one eh!
    Long way too go and still think we need to string more passes together and battle in every second of every game,and if Adel plays to get him running into the box,as for once i think Alan Shearer is spot on!
    And nice to finally see Park do what he used to do at UTD,get past defenders & get a cross in!
    All we can do is hope for more wins & improvements,and ignore all the utter toss from tabloids and West Ham idiots trying to constantly stir & mess The R's up!
    Talk football for once Hammerhead,gets boring,same old dribble,second you get a chance!

  3. World class save from Mr. Robert Green yesterday, wouldn't you agree, old chap? I suppose you would but one very much doubts you'd reference it on your b(l)og of a webshite. Only joking, old boy, I will confess to enjoying your comments on the ocassions you pop your anvil shaped head above the parapit to have a dig at us R's. Until it is mathematically impossible for us to stay up, I will believe we can stay up and will be keeping the faith, as should all the other Rangers fans.

  4. On the flip side, note the Mirror didnt mention any players names.