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Friday, 1 March 2013

Watford throw it away at the death

What a missed opportunity. Wolves were there for the taking tonight and, had Watford gone for the throat in the second half instead of seeking to play out the game with the narrowest of leads, the pressure would have been on Hull and Leicester tomorrow.

The result was far from a disaster for Zola's loanees, but Crystal Palace's victory at Derby has brought Olly's boys right back into the automatic promotion frame and should Leicester and Hull both win tomorrow, the battle for the second promotion spot will intensify.

Meanwhile, the point has done very little for Wolves' cause. They looked pretty clueless for most of the match and relegation to the old Division Three is looking more and more likely.

1 comment:

  1. You only pipe up when Watford get a poor result. Not been able to say much of late as they've won the last 3 matches and have only lost 3 in the last 22 games.

    I guess a draw is a close as you can get to a defeat nowadays and you must be aching to have a go at Zola after all this time.

    What a terrible manager he is. He's been at Watford all season and has only managed to get them to 2nd in the league. Runners up is for losers eh?