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Monday, 4 March 2013

Leeds game huge for Leicester after Nottingham Forest reserve inflicts another defeat

The game against Leeds is now huge. The manager of the month award that Pearson collected seems to have gone to his head and is weighing like a ball and chain around the ankles of his team, because that victory over floundering Blackburn apart, Leicester have been hopeless ever since.

And to lose at Ipswich to a Forest reserve out on loan to the sister lovers - Oh the shame! McGoldrick isn't good enough for the Tricky Trees but he was good enough to slay the mangy Foxes. Boy that must hurt! What a clever piece of business by Forest. Lend out a player who then scores against a team you are looking to climb above in the play off places!

And that is the truth of the matter. Cardiff and Pearson's former club Hull may now already be out of reach. Three weeks back, the talk was of a charge for an automatic promotion place, now with Miserablebrough just three points behind and Forest closing in fast, big spending Leicester may yet miss out on a place in the play offs - and how risible would Pearson's award appear then?

Leicester simply have to beat Leeds and Wednesday in back to back home games. In fact, the Leeds game is a potential eleven pointer: if Leicester win, Leeds will never close that gap; if Warnock's boys prevail, they will fancy catching the Foxes with the gap then down to just five points. It's shit or bust time for Warnock's Leeds - well they have been shit and bust for years! - and it is fast approaching that for Leicester too.

Still, I am reliably informed that Leicester always lose to Ipswich so, if they are a bogey team, perhaps the result can be ignored. But over in Nottingham, glasses will be raised to out on loan David McFoolsGoldrick!


  1. So how about making some predictions?
    We know you are bored shitless because your season is over as a West Ham supporter.
    Maybe avoid the drop, maybe not..thats all you have.
    So, you are all over the Championship. With your encyclopedic knowledge of Leeds, lets see if you have any Balls. Make a prediction on the next two Leeds games ( scores as well if you like) Come on, let's see how much Sack you have !

  2. Leicester 2 Leeds 0

    Palace 1 Leeds 1

    1. ...and as the real 'Old big Gob' used to say, Good Lad !
      Now all your supporters will have a chance to comment on your predicting skills.