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Saturday, 9 March 2013

Should Leicester City Show Pearson The Door?

Leicester's season is fast turning into another nightmare. First a draw at home to Leeds, now a defeat against Sheffield Wednesday. All that money spent, and what do the owners have to show for it? Leicester are out of the running for an automatic promotion place and now the odds of featuring in the play offs are lengthening. And even if they squeak in, what chance would they stand on current form?

How ridiculous is that Manager of the Month gong looking now. Has Pearson's team won a game since? The goals have dried up, the team's confidence has evaporated, and Pearson looks absolutely clueless.

And meanwhile, Hull City, the club Pearson betrayed when he returned to Leicester, are in the box seat for second spot tonight after Watford's home defeat and Crystal Palace's home draw. And the team closing in fast and now sitting on Leicester's coat tails? None other than East Midlands rivals Nottingham Forest.

One is tempted to say, serves Leicester and Pearson right! But Leicester could yet save their season by sacking Pearson and bringing in Steve Bruce.


  1. Get rid the sooner the better,only the blue specky brigade would say otherwise.

  2. Ive heard big Sam is on his way to leicester so we can play delightful long ball stuff! Its just like watching rugby, just like watching rugby, just like watching rugby!

  3. Bring in Paolo, no excuses if we loose with passion we want

  4. It's not just the blue specky brigade that say otherwise, it's also those that don't agree with the hysterical, knee-jerk approach to football management. Thank god you people aren't involved with the running of the club!!