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Saturday, 16 March 2013

Warnock Targets Six of the Best for Leeds.

First of all he asked for three games to change the world, then it was eleven, and now Old Big Gob has settled on the number six. Six wins, that's all it will need, for Warnock's Wonders to make it into the playoffs. Six wins. And after today's game against Huddersfield that will be down to five.

But who will those wins come against? Well every home game has to be won. And the opposition are none too frightening - only marginally better than Peterborough for the most part. If Leeds can't win at home to Derby, Sheffield Wednesday, Burnley and Brighton, they don't deserve to go up.

Brighton, at the moment, looks like a six pointer but I fancy the Seagulls will be out of the race by the time they fly in to Leeds. The injury to Mucky-Smith and the seven game suspension for Paolo Barnes will make it difficult for the seasiders to score, never mind win games. Watch them plummet down like an albatross shot by an ancient mariner's arrow in the coming weeks. The big contenders are Nottingham Forest and Bolton at this stage and, if results go well today, Leeds could be right on their shoulder.

The Sheffield Wednesday game may prove the most difficult because of events at Hillsborough earlier this season. The match will be more of a war than a football game, and that usually suits the weaker teams.

But you can see Leeds winning all five home games, giving them 15 points and 67 come the end of the season. But Warnock is right, that won't be enough. Forest would only then need ten points from nine and Leicester eight from nine to deprive Leeds given the relative goal differences. So Leeds need points away from home.

And those fixtures aren't too tough either, leaving aside the last game of the season at Watford. Leeds can pick up points at all of Ipswich, Charlton and Birmingham. Three draws would see them through to 70 points and that may just be enough. A win and a draw and Leeds would almost certainly do it.

The run in is kind. They will erect that statue if Warnock can negotiate a route into the top six, then carry Leeds through the playoffs on a tide of hope and glory.

Buy those discounted season tickets guys, it could be a great deal for a season in the Premiership!


  1. Leeds in 10th place. Millwall in 17th place. enough said !

  2. Suggestion: I propose an animated Warnock statue or a series showing him in various appropriate poses - such as hands behind head or fffing and blinding at ref. For although the game he plays is often static, Warnock is anything but!

  3. Easy on paper aint it.i will be shocked if we win today.

  4. Realistically HF, We blew our chances when we dropped silly points at Wolves and Leicester and to a lesser extent our failure to hang on to a lead at Palace. Teams near the bottom will be scrapping for points to stay up and Huddersfield very rarely give us 3 points and I would hazard a guess its well over 50 years if we have done the double over them if we ever have at all. Derby have the hoodoo over us, Ipswich will get something, Birmingham, we knocked out of the FA cup, but they are likely to beat us in the league. We will finish this season around where we are now.

  5. No such thing as an easy run in in the championship, I'm afraid.

    With the exception of a couple everyone is as shit as each other, hence the reason your predictions not coming off for you this time.

  6. I worked out if West Ham will all their remaining league games they will still be the worst team in London, with a tin pot shed of a stadium and plastic spastic fans like you.
    By the way, do your spell checker you gimp before you post to the world.

  7. Five wins, that's all we need!