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Thursday, 28 February 2013

Former Liverpool Manager Benny Benitez Loses His Chelsea Rag

Poor old Benny Benitez has finally lost his rag! After suffering the slings and arrows of outraged Chelsea fans since his arrival, he has had enough and turned on his accusers, cataloguing the trophies he won in the long gone days of his youth.

With righteous indignation, the Spanish heifer fighter told it exactly how it was, but forgot to mention how he turned Liverpool from a great club to mid table also-rans and how Inter Milan were quick to show him the door when he it was evident that he was following his Liverpool blue print there.

And Benny dared to take on Abrovomich too, criticising the "Interim Manager" title and using this to account for his third managerial failure on the trot.

How much longer will he last? It would be a brave man that bets on him still being in place next Monday!

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