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Sunday, 17 March 2013

Has Leeds Legend Brendan Ormsby been in a Coma?

How else do you explain the poor guy's confusion. Despite my post explaining why a 1-1 draw was the most probable result against Peterborough, he rocked up at Elland Road taking victory for granted.

Why? Well according to the 53 game Leeds Legend, "The way I looked at it was simply Leeds United versus Peterborough; not too many years ago, it would have been a Premier League side versus a bottom-division one in a cup".

Not too many years ago? Leeds dropped out of the Prem in 2004, so that's almost a decade, and between 2007 and 2010 were in the old Third Division! Indeed Brendan, it's not so long ago that Leeds were in the Third Division whilst Peterborough were in the Championship!

In fact, Leeds have only been in the top division of English football for 14 of the last 31 years! That's less than 50%! THAT is the truth of the matter and it is the failure of Leeds fans and Leeds Legends, like Ormsby, to recognise this fact that is a large factor in the club's on-going demise.

Ormsby finishes by claiming that Leeds are "a massive club" but massive clubs don't have to drop the entry price to the cost of a KFC Family Bucket to get 25,000 into the ground, a ground they don't even own, and massive clubs don't spend 17 of the last 31 years out of the top division.

Real Madrid is a massive club Brendan. So is Barcelona. So is Manchester United. How many years have they spent out of the top division in the last 50 years exactly? One year between them?

Leeds are, at best, a big club, but that label is questionable now. In truth, Leeds have slipped further and further down the rankings, becoming a feeder club to little Norwich.

So Brendan, wake up! Time has moved on. Leeds cannot take victory over Peterborough and Huddersfield for granted because Leeds, like it or not, are anchored in the same division as these clubs and, if all goes well, may be in the same division as Yeovil Town next season.

How the mighty have fallen!


  1. So as far as I can see you claimed to wager on one Leeds game in the last 4. This happened to be the one you predicted correctly with the other 3 wrong.
    Why do we all get the feeling that your betfair winnings would have been announced if any of the other games had finished as you predicted?
    I think you're a stranger to the truth

    1. Exactly. HF guaranteed me (in broad terms) that we would beat the dog botherers 2-1 yesterday. What's going on !!!

  2. Lol, what are west ham? Please give us your truthful description, and dont go on about the players from the 66 side as it's getting old!

  3. Hs certainly srange.

  4. Hate to admit it, but you've just written what I've been saying to my deluded mates for years now.

  5. Excuse me Mr Hammersfan, but you do such a great job focusing on everything that has gone wrong for Leeds that you seem to ignore thew good things that have happened in recent years. Yes, Leeds have fallen from the first tier of English football but they have also shrugged off a hundred million pounds of debt without being dissolved as a club and franchise, they have been bought by middle east investors, which means soon finances will be rolling in, but most importantly, the Leeds Utd youth academy keeps churning up talent after talent: Walton, Delph, Howson, Byram etc. Yes, Leeds have sol most their youngsters but as long as they keep pumping out talented boys and our new investors roll a bit of cash around we'll be fine.
    What I'm saying is, yes, Leeds have been down, but no other club would have come back from that as we did.

    See you in the Prem.


  6. Just remind me what your lot have won in the last 30 years.

  7. What does all this make west ham?

  8. Nobody can stop us hf so stop the green eyed monster in its tracks and concentrate on your little club mate.

  9. Isn't it ironic that this guy ( a self confessed Hammers fan) spends most of his spare time debating all things Leeds United. We're not famous anymore (according to the Leeds United fans and some Hammers fans too).

    Sometimes I wish Leeds United were just a little bit smaller and then we wouldn't have to put up with the attentions of the fans of clubs like West Ham or other similarly irrelevant clubs.

    For some reason Leeds United has always courted jealously amongst fans of this type of club. It is interesting that even during difficult times there is an allure which draws the likes of HF to Leeds - they just can't help themselves.

    However, "we're not famous anymore". If you need proof of this ask HF he doesn't care how big or small we are!

  10. The back of me throat tastes like a mature cheddar cheese

  11. Man u are only big because too much ice formed on that plane. They got the sympathy vote from around the U.K.They have exploited the premier league and the world since 1993.Liverpool, Arsenal etc are just as big as Man U.

  12. ormsby a leeds legend since when bremner hunter charlton reaney giles madeley etc are leeds legend not ormsby not even gud enough to lace any of the aboves boots v v strange bates warnock gfh go now mot