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Saturday, 9 March 2013

Whose side is Leeds United’s manager Neil Warnock on exactly?

The game at Crystal Palce today is huge. Win it, and Leeds really will be in with a shout for the playoffs; but if they lose and Nottingham Forest and Brighton win, then the mountain will be huge. Nine points is one hell of a gap to close with just ten games to go. Even if Leeds won eight of those - a monumental ask - Brighton would only have to win five given the goal difference advantage they hold over Warnock's men.

Not that Brighton are guaranteed a win today. The trouble is, if they lose, Bolton will then pull further ahead of Leeds. That's the difficulty of trying to play catch up at this stage of the season. Of course, Leeds have a game in hand on both Bolton and Nottingham Forest, and that is a home game, so should Brighton lose today, they will remain in the shakeup - just - even if they lose at Palace and Forest and Bolton win. Permutations! Permutations!

One thing Warnock shouldn't want is for Palace to be promoted from their present position. First off, I wouldn't fancy Leeds over two legs against Watford, and secondly, that would probably require Palace winning today's game.

So, Warnock's expressed hope that Palace go up is strange. He is, of course, trying to manage the reaction of the Eagles' fans ahead of his return to Selhurst Park, but he has overstepped the mark in by book.

Can Leeds win today? Well ahead of the reverse fixture, I said this Palace team wasn't anything special and predicted a Leeds victory. I got the score wrong - forecasting 2-0 - but no matter, the point was that Leeds were strong enough to down the Eagles who were flying at that stage. But Becchio scored in that game and Becchio is not at Leeds anymore.

Today will be a huge test for Warnock's new look team and for Byram and Warnock Junior in particular. Palace will seek to use the full width of the pitch and the defence will be tested more than in any league game of late. I predicted 1-1 last week and I'm standing by that. That would keep Leeds in the hunt unless Brighton win at Bolton and I can't see that happening - if fact I take Bolton to win that one.

It promises to be a nail biting afternoon. May the best teams win!


  1. it's official 'Hammersfan', you are a Leeds UTD fan, just accept it and move on fella.

  2. You are a sick man. Poor fellow :-(

  3. Warnock is on Bates/GFH side he's a puppet and they pull the strings

  4. I must say HF, your anal lytical report of the outcome is impressive, you did your research well and must have spent some of your precious time working out the possibilities.
    I am impressed how much you care for and the love of Leeds United that eminates from your report.
    I love you man.

  5. Love or hate this guy he talks a lot of sence !!

  6. friendless virgin

  7. Sorry can no longer be bothered to read much beyond the title of anything your carer manages to translate from your crayon scrawlings. Just wanted to say you are a cockney retard.

  8. I wish Warnock would shut his mouth up, for once.
    The big headed cnut,i wish we never installed him as manager.
    You Hammersfan, You can shut your mush too. ;)


  9. Morning HF you know today is a must win. I will try and sneak looking on my phone as in Florida getting married today might be a bit rude if i try and stream it :)

    1. Congratulations, hope Leeds don't spoil your day.

  10. The manager at the Italian Hotel he was in said he was a leeds fan!! apparently they had a big didcussion about John Charles! ????

  11. Barry Barry Barry Hearn!

  12. yeh talks alot of "senCe" (stet)