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Sunday, 24 March 2013

Sheffield United Trailing in Doncaster's Wake

It is true that, with games in hand, Shafting United are still positioned to secure automatic promotion, but even if they win their two games in hand, they will still find themselves one point behind little old Doncaster.

Sadly three goals at Carlisle were not enough to secure three points for Yeovil after one of the longest journeys in football, but the Glovers remain in the hunt. And Bournemouth's emphatic thumping of Bury has seen the South Coast minnows re-establish themselves in the race.

Shafting United and Coventry should be dominating the division but little old Donny continue to put one over on their more illustrious rivals - and long may it continue! What a shame the game with Brentford was postponed, had the Blunted Blades lost that one, the tension would really have increased!

What exactly has the club done with the Tevez money?


  1. Still waiting on the last Tavez installment from the "Cheatin' 'Ammers" Pay up. We know you've got it.
    Also see youve now cheated your way into the Olympic stadium using taxpayers cash for your own ends this time.
    What ever happened to the once noble WHU?

  2. like the comment all i can hear is silence coming from Mr Hammer

  3. YOu sure its the game thats gone crazy Appy Ammer? Sound like you might need a trip to the shrink yourself. Get over it, pay up and shut up.

  4. We got di canio you've got fat allerdyce

  5. We've got di canio you've got fat allerdyce we've got di canio you've got fat allerdyce

  6. Bobby Moore once said he has hoped that WHU would dominate the game like Leeds ....never saw it in his lifetime, you will never see it in yours.

    Bored of winding up Leeds, he has started on other clubs like Sheff united...a team with great tradition , the first team to be called united, from the city who gave us the current "Sheffield" rules...
    Looks like northerners WIN AGAIN!!! we invented the game

    Sheffield United...a team who like Leeds have also won the top division (unlike WHU)
    with a record home attendance of 68,000 against LEEDS.....double WHU's best ever..

    Love and kisses xxxx

  7. northerners are whippet-munching numpties.
    it will always be thus.