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Tuesday, 26 March 2013

The Mad World of Reading FC

Which team finished second in the Championship last season? That would be Southampton. Who was their manager? That would be Nigel Adkins.

Which team WON the Championship last season? That would be Reading FC. Who was their manager? That would be Brian McDermott.

Which of the two teams spent a small fortune this summer? That would be Southampton managed by Nigel Adkins.

Which team spent next to nothing and have tried to battle on with basically the same squad that won promotion? That would be Reading managed by Brian McDermott.

Take away the three points won in the last round of fixtures and the three points secured by a remarkable victory over Man City, achieved under Adkins' successor at Southampton, and what would be the points difference between McDermott's Reading and Adkins' Southampton? Two!

I have a very high regard for both managers but can feel nothing but contempt for the way both clubs have treated them. Reading and Southampton are in the Premiership this season because of Brian McDermott and Nigel Adkins. Both were owed more respect by their clubs.

I hope Adkins succeeds next season but I think both Reading and Southampton deserve to go down because of the way they have treated two great employees.


  1. no interest in this article on two southern teams

  2. So why did you comment then 17.30