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Thursday, 7 March 2013

Former Liverpool Boss Benitez Leads Chelsea to Defeat at Steaua

Bucharest is buzzing tonight! Chelsea strutted into town and will scuttle out again with yet another pathetic performance under their belts. Benny Benitez will, no doubt, complain about the penalty decision but, from where I was sitting, it was fully justified.

Torres was shit again. Chelsea were shit again. Benitez's tactics were shit again.

Tickets were sold out within two hours of the draw. The good people of Romania hold English football in awe but, if Sky are not careful, the world will wake up to the Premiership chimera very soon. No teams in the last eight of the Champions League, Chelsea struggling in the footballing backwater of seems the Premiership, like every dog, has had its day.

How many stars remain? Bale. And Suarez? And how long will they hang around?

How did that Mary Hopkins song go? "Those were the days my friend, we thought they would never end, we'd sing and dance for ever and a day."


  1. Haha chelscum deserve all they get,nasty club,nasty players,disgusting supporters.taking over as the most hated club from manure

  2. You sure you didn't mis-spell the word 'Leads' in your headline? 98% of every blog you write spells it as 'Leeds'

    So on the basis that Leeds is on your mind all the time, even subliminarily, what do you think of the 9/2 odds on offer for Leeds to finish in the top 6?
    Also how about clarifying your prediction on the next Leeds game. First you said 1-1 then you suggested 2-0 to Palace. You're a bit of a pansy if you are trying to have it both ways.

  3. lonely,im so lonely