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Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Mixed Bag of Results at Cardiff, Nottingham Forest and Leicester Highlights Warnock's Problem At Leeds

Give him three games, he pleaded. Three games and he will change the world!

Well last night's results highlighted Warnock's problems perfectly. It was the best of times. It was the worst of times. The poor old git must have been punching the air in delight one minute and punching his blow up effigy of Tony Fernandes the next.

Leicester lost- we're in with a chance! Forest won? By how many? Blackburn lost! But Brighton won away? Against who? Cardiff? Middlebrough drew? Is that good news or bad news? At Burnley? Is that good or bad? We can close the gap but they've stopped the rot!

The net result was that Leeds slipped a place in the table and go in to tonight's game in the bottom half of the table. A victory will see Warnock's stumblers climb again and take the gap down to sixth place to just six points - and suddenly hope will trickle through the veins of the Leeds faithful again.

It's a form of Chinese torture, a drip, drip, drip, drip of hope followed by disappointment followed by hope followed by disappointment. Warnock knows that victory tonight keeps Leeds in the jogging. It's only Blackpool. It's only Blackpool managed by Paul Ince. Win tonight and Warnock can wear his Kiss Me Quick hat proudly until the weekend at least, lose or draw and he could be pushed from the top of the Pepsi Max before the next game even kicks off.

Are Di Canio and Adkins Tangerine Dreamers tonight?


  1. You are a complete Richard Edward.


  3. Zzzzzzzzzzzz....get to the pub bore.

  4. You worry too much hf! Whereas I, and a lot of other Leeds fans gave up thinking of a play off place back in January. Don't get me wrong though, we'd all take a run of fluke results to get us in there, the thought of us depriving middlesbrough a place is a nice thought indeed. Having said that, we're well aware that that isn't likely to happen. So I'll be putting my money on Poyet to take the last place and dump that unworthy shower of shite out of the running. boro doing their annual implosion and staying down will help me get over this shite season, must be the part Geordie blood in me eh?

  5. My God...who is the fool that writes this garbage ? What a waste of time.

  6. Can the plant have its brain cell back Blogger ?

  7. This Blogger churns out more rubbish than a re-cycling plant...what a bore.

  8. Total Dross from the armchair......

  9. I think you have finally lost it,
    But then again, you never had it.......