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Thursday, 21 February 2013

Warnock Takes Personal Credit for Epic Leeds Victory

He asked for three games, just three more games to change the world. And the first ended in an epic Leeds victory to stand alongside any of the great performances of the past. Who says so? Neil!

Enthusing after the game, Old Big Gob told reporters: "I couldn't pick a star tonight." How could he, when he has recruited a squad of journeymen some might ask, but still, according to Warnock, "They were all nine or 10 out of 10."

Warnock continued: "We started on the front foot and limited them to just a couple of opportunities, which would have been cruel if they'd gone in." It would have been, because then Leeds would have drawn the game and the great charge would have stumbled before it had even started! He explained, however: "Paddy [Kenny] made a couple of great saves and I couldn't see him being beaten."

Then came the killer comment: "If you brought another manager in I couldn't see him getting more out of those players than you saw tonight."

Revie? Wilkinson? Clough? Ferguson? Jose? Honestly, who are you? Leeds have Warnock!


  1. Your as funny as a day out in southend

  2. Gosh you're a hard man to please. You said before the game that this is the one result where you will be supporting a Warnock victory as it involves spanking the treacherous former Hammer, Ince.

    Give the old boy some credit. At this rate, he's going to take Leeds up and your mob won't get a chance to Head Hunt him for the Sad Hammers who will need his expertise to try and bounce straight back again after they are relegated in May.

  3. You forgot to mention the size of the crowd, silly boy

  4. More BORING crap.

  5. Hey i notice you keep students hours and you get paid for writing this shite...

  6. It was a good performance and a good 3pts but let's be honest you would have had something negative to say whatever the outcome may have been! Keep having a go about the squad whether that be you or anybody is no good, we are stuck with it now till the summer so we have to just press on and hope it comes good at the right time! We can't change anything now. WAFLL.

  7. Haha, I'm starting to think that you actually are Phil Hay in discguise, using a blog to vent your real thoughts, you ain't foolin anybody Phillip!!!

  8. Are you mental? Which manager exactly would get anything more out of these average players.
    And when did Warnock claim this victory was "epic" and "stand alongside any of the great performances of the past"
    He didnt.
    PLANT POT ALERT !!!!!!!!!!!

  9. All u do nowadays is copy stuff off of yep or leeds,website. N then add a sarcastic unfunny comment at the end. Boring.y dont u go for a,walk seeing as tho ur in beautiful sicily? ;)

  10. I love the fact that our good results do to you exactly wot you're trying do to us! Don't worry though, it'll all go tits up again on Saturday and you'll be able to feel relaxed while you fail to be sarcastic to us.

    To quote(loosely)wot someone said the other day, "Most people come here to take the piss out of you, not to support you".

    Seriously hf. You've gotta stop believing that your opinions on anything LUFC/Neil Warnock related really count for owt.

  11. Heard you actually sit there writing absolute BS about leeds, what a waste of time, lowlife

  12. Given Big Gob's press of late, he'd be grateful for any victory! Let him have his other two games then you can either put a wreath on his head or piss on it.

  13. Hey, Hammersfannyboy. Where you going next? Monaco?Monte carlo? or back to your mams in east acton!!

  14. Driving home from the match last night, quite a lot of the fans voted Warnock (Neil) the man of the match for picking an attacking team and playing all players in their respective best positions. On this basis, and the opinions of the fans who actually went to the game (25,532), Warnock is correct. Ironically, by reprinting this statement, you are also correct. He did get the most out of the players.
    By the way, Stephen Warnock (remember him, the player who chose Leeds rather than your lot) had an absolute stormer. Hehehe
    Anyway, keep trying. I've told you several times, I'll let you know when you're getting there.

  15. I love this post and you are doing an amazing job

    Keep it up

  16. are you mark the potless toss pot moorhouse in disguise?

    1. Give him some credit 1140, bloody hell that Mark Moorhouse what an illiterate IMBECILE!!

      Can't believe were having a 'conversation' about him though tbh mate.

      Surely you're not on that level HF, are you?

  17. Meanwhile in the local Blue Oyster bar, the regulars are concerned about HF. He has so much energy usually rubbing himself against all the other gay men, But recently seems distracted with the fantastic change of style in Leeds United's playing abilities.
    I hope he changes his focus soon from making up just bilge about nothing just to make a story, and return to his gay man ways with the rest of the regulars.
    They are missing you HF down at the gay bar......


  19. Watching Warnock from the stands I have to say he was absolutely fantastic last night. He never stopped shouting or directing the play. You can clearly see his enthusiasm rub off on the players too which is electric!

    Yes, maybe all the players did score 9 or 10 yesterday but the real winner was definitely Neil Warnock. He is clearly the best manager outside the premiership it just amazes me not everyone can see this. Were extremely lucky to have him.

    MOT to the premiership!!!