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Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Andy Carroll to leave Liverpool for Newcastle via West Ham

Well it is a roundabout way to get back to where you started, but if the rumours are true, Carroll will be swallowing down the last of his jellied eels in May and heading back to Newcastle. Apparently, Liverpool are so desperate to off load him that an exchange for Ben Arfa is being mooted.

The madness of this proposal from a Liverpool point of view can best be summed up by a price tag of 35m quid for Ben Arfa, a talented player for sure, but no world beater. Nor is Carroll, the Scousers will object, but Carroll has the potential to win more matches than Ben Arfa, if you play to his strengths. Handled correctly, Carroll could yet be polished into a diamond. His performance against Swansea showed what he can do - and very few centre backs in the world could have handled him in that mood.

If the deal is completed, books will be fiddled to mask the loss taken by Liverpool, with Ben Arfa's nominal value inflated, to be written down over the next five years, rather than a massive loss crystallised in one hit. That's why a return to Newcastle is being considered now. Without a player exchange, Liverpool will be exposed for ever as complete fools over the deal agreed by King Kenny.

What about from Newcastle's perspective? Well if Ben Arfa is worth say ten million, this represents a fantastic deal for the Magpies, providing Carroll doesn't return to his old manners as well as his old manor. Captain Kev isn't there to keep him on the straight and narrow and you have to wonder if Pardew is the man to keep him under control given the Bentley Boys mentality that took hold at Upton Park when he was in charge.

From a West Ham point of view, Carroll will be a huge loss because of what it will cost to replace him, on top of what it has cost to 'borrow' him. If he is really on one hundred grand a week, the two goals he has scored to date have come at a huge price. But that said, if we stay up, and Carroll plays a part, Sullivan and Gold will look at another guaranteed 60m for playing in the Prem next season and say lovely jubbly!


  1. Have you ever seen ben arfa play? he is worth 3 andy carrols and thta is considering he is injured most of the time.

  2. As a Newcastle fan, I really don't want Carroll back. He is an injury prone, non - scoring hoof ball magnet and off the field problem.

    Fine if you play for Stoke or Allardyce, but we are finally starting to play some good football on the deck now. Ben Arfa is the future. Carroll is most definitely a backward step.

  3. Laughable that they're even talked about in the same sentence let alone you valuing Ben Arfa at £10m. He's a match winner for NUFC and worth twice what Carroll is.

  4. Who wrote this?! Mental...
    Ben Arfa is the better player, by a considerable distance. I completely get that this would look bad on Liverpool's part, as Ben Arfa is clearly not worth 35m, but Liverpool already look foolish for paying that in the first place. The way Newcastle are with their money now I can't see them spending more than Carroll's worth (about 13m) and I'm pretty sure an offer of this amount for HBA would be rejected.

    Clearly, I'm a biased Newcastle fan! However, I can see Carroll grudgingly ending up at West Ham on a permanent basis because his home town club won't pay over the dds for him and West Ham will. It's a shame, because I think Carroll could really flourish again back at Newcastle. I can only see HBA being sold to PSG. If so, hopefully for a silly amount...

    Sorry for calling you mental!

  5. If you think this swap would be a "fantastic deal" from Newcastle's perspective, you need a career change!

    I doubt there are any Newcastle fans who would relish that swap, and I very much doubt that Ben Arfa would be interested either.

    It is entirely possible that Newcastle will make a lowball bid for Carroll, well under £10m, and only then if Carroll agrees to go back to the wages he was on before he left for Liverpool. As for handing over one of our most creative players.... BWAHAHAHAHA!

  6. not a chance will we swap hba for big lad.not unless we get another 35m AND big lad back!!!!!

  7. Right, you obviously havent seen much of either Ben Arfa or Andy Carroll. Im a season ticket holder at SJP. Ben Arfa is literally a world beater, take a klook of some of his goals for Newcastle. He's been out injured a lot this season no no doubt coincides with Newcastles terrible form this season. I'm riled uop at 2 pionts:
    1) Andy Carroll isnt coming back to Newcastle - and if he does it will be for what he's actually worth (Less than £10m)
    2) Newcastle have their eye on 2 main strikers and having bids knocked back in January for Wilfried Bony and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, thats who they will go for in the summer. both are around £12m-£14m
    3) They have also been loosly linked with £10m rated Siam De Jong and Ricky Van Wolfswinkle.
    4) Ben Arfa is Alan Pardew's most prized asset - he can win games in a heartbeat - nodbody knows that more than our manager - if he does go it will be again for stupid money (Chelsea were apprently interested in making a £19m bid). I honestly belive he'll stay now that we have signed 6 fellow countryman and now have 4 fellow full France Interationals in our squad with Cabaye, Sissoko, Debuchey and Mbwia all being selected for Frances game tonight. Ben Arfa wil only leave for Chelsea (who already have Eden Hazard) or PSG.
    5) How amny times have Alan Pardew or Graham carr been to watch Andy Carroll play at West Ham? whther they know aboput him already or not - Wealways do our homework and make no mistake Newcastle ensure that a player is worth every penny that was spent on a him.

  8. Carroll for Ben Arfa? You're having a laugh...

  9. What a pile of turd. Ben Arfa only worth £10m?! Liverpool spent 20m on Jordan Henderson and £16m on Stewart Downing for god's sake and Ben Arfa is miles better than either of them.

    It'll take at least £15m PLUS Carroll to take him to Liverpool.

  10. Idle paper talk and not very convincing; I think NUFC are more likely to go back for Aubameyang at St Etienne or (hopefully) go in for Siem de Jong at Ajax. Though Carroll is a great target man, and I'd like him to return as I hate seeing Ameobi play, I just can’t see him halving his wages to return to NUFC.

  11. you mug you obviously know nowt about football ben arfa is worth more than the entire west ham team and your loanee carrol combined. west ham will go down if not this season defo next and carrol would walk back to newcastle if they would have him

  12. Ben arfa for 10million?sure he is worth at least 25 miilion...n ashley will only do a deal near that or more....

  13. NEXT patient please!

  14. Ben Arfa is one of the top wingers, flair players and dribblers in the league - on par with Hazard and only behind the likes of Bale and Silva. Carroll is an second-rate striker who has no place in Newcastle's new style of football. We didn't sign Graham just because he's local and at least he would fit into the system pards wants to play. This is a truly ridiculous idea, and nobody in the newcastle hierarchy will let this happen.

  15. you must be the only person in the world that thinks Carroll is a better player than HBA, no Newcastle fan would be remotely happy with this proposed swap. £10 million is a serious undervaluation.