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Saturday, 16 February 2013

New Manager, Same Result For Nottingham Forest

At the end of the day, if your players aren't good enough, there's very little a manager can do about it. True, the odd genius comes along, a Clough or a Ferguson or a Mourinho, and then there's a tier of class acts such as Wenger below them, but the rest are much of a muchness. Give them a decent bunch of players and they will get decent results; give them a squad of yard dogs and they will struggle.

Look at the current Forest squad and who screams out? Billy Sharp should get you goals; Cohen, as an ex West Ham man, is half decent; and Lansbury keeps flattering to deceive; but the rest are nothing to write home about are they? Collins looked awful in a West Ham shirt last season, Halford is very ordinary, and so it goes on.

Forest are where Forest should be, in mid division. Given time, Billy Davies may turn them in to a decent Championship outfit, but God help them if he stays in charge should they ever get to the Premiership.

The teams at the top of the division have opened a gap for a reason - because they have better players - and Blackburn may be the team to take sixth place as, player for player, they are far stronger than Boro and the other pretenders for the last play off place.

Can Davies cajole Forest into a late charge? Maybe, but frankly unlikely.


  1. Interesting post that completely contradicts everything you have ever written about Warnock and Leeds. So if your players aren't good enough there's very little a manager can do about it, then? Next thing you'll be saying the current Leeds team are much better than Nottingham Forest on paper! The only difference between Forest and Leeds is the former have actually spent a bit of money in assembling their mid table outfit.

    If it's an attempt at a childish wind up then fair enough whatever floats your boat. Otherwise though you really haven't got a clue have you!?

  2. If your players arent good enough, there's very little a manager can do about it....oh dear, quite pathetic actually. You keep 'pulling those strings though'!

  3. Remember Billy Davies in the prem at Derby..
    I have never seen such a sad sight of a manager out of his depth.

  4. Forest won 6-1 last night and Billy Sharp was left out. Think the basic premise of this article is wrong - Forest do have good players (as they showed in beating Leeds 4-2). I'm pretty sure Neil Warnock would love Simon Cox, Dexter Blackstock, Adlene Guedioura, Radi Majewski, Lewis McGugan, Greg Halford and Gonzalo Jara in his squad. Granted, the defence is a bit dodgy but Forest aren't short of talent.

  5. still agree with this? lol mug

  6. You realise that the Collins at Forest is Danny Collins, ex Sunderland and Ipswich Town defender and not West Ham's James? I stopped reading after that line. Get your facts straight pal.