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Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Is Yorkshire Evening Post Writing Warnock's Leeds Obituary Already?

The poor bloke has asked everybody to give him three games and, after his heroic efforts this season, surely Neil Warnock deserves that.

So why has the Yapping Evening Post published his vital stats as if his tenure is already at an end?

That's not playing the Whites Man. What exactly is to be achieved from showing that Warnock has lost more games than he has won since taking charge? All that will do is stoke up the ire, agitate the already restless and add grist to the mill for those seeking to depose King Neil.

Give the man what he asked for! He told us to judge him after the window closed and now he has asked for three more games without all the moaning, hectoring and back stabbing. He's an old man for pity's sake. He deserves our sympathy and understanding. He's doing his best and he knows that nobody could have done any better.

So back off Yapping Post and show some respect to one of the greats of football management. Neil doesn't deserve this. Putting his record up in lights like that is unnecessarily cruel.

Three more games, just three more games, then judge him! Is that too much to ask?


  1. He has had all season to prove he is up to it. Three more games will do nothing to please the fans now.

  2. Honestly..this article id pointless.must be boring in romania dude!

  3. Cant wait for Di Canio to take over at Upton Park see whos laughing then

    1. He won't go to a small club like the spammers

  4. You sure are banging out a lot of Leeds stories at the moment, Scott. Cynics might view it as a desperate ploy to maintain website traffic, but I know you're all about cutting edge objective journalism. Ignore the naysayers, you are definitely not compromising your integrity.


  6. shame no one would write yours

  7. Warnock asked for 3 games because thats when not so happy Hammers
    are getting rid of Big Sam,that way hes not unemployed before he takes over your shower of shit.

  8. Hammersfan, if their is any justice in life then Warnock will have his final crack at promotion next season by trying to take the Sad Hammers back up.

    We all know you secretely love him, and this constant talking him down is your plan to have him for your own mob.

  9. Di Canio coming to Leeds - watch this space!