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Saturday, 16 February 2013

Leeds Hopes Revived As Middlesbrough Crash and Watford and Crystal Palace Win

Well, except when they are playing against Leeds, poor old Miserableboro seem to be absolutely hopeless. Leave out that Leeds game and that's what, six defeats on the trot?

Dyer is playing for Boro, but Dyer is an albatross regardless. He wasn't in the team or on the bench when Boro won, he returns today and the Smoggies crash and, well smoke.

Of course, the 4-1 thumping at Palace should trigger more questions about Warnock and Leeds, but, in a strange trick of fate, it has actually revived flickering hopes of Leeds scraping in to the play offs. With Watford, Hull and Palace all winning, Leeds are definitely chasing down just one place now, but one place is all you need; and Boro's form is so poor that it is hard to see them finishing in the top six.

Forest and Derby could only draw at home so suddenly Leeds are back in the shake up. Win that game in hand over Boro and Warnock's boys will only be five points behind the sixth placed stumblers.

My money's on Blackburn finishing sixth but Leeds may yet have something to say about that!


  1. Do you think your obsession With Leeds is healthy? How many posts this week? Today? It would only take two signitures to have you sectioned. You don't say anything new either,or ever.

  2. Leeds have more chance of the drop than the playoffs.Its sad but true.

    1. Think you may find you are a twat..Mark..its sad but true.

    2. I'm inside open your eyes, I'm you.

      Sad but true....

  3. Why don't you just out and out blog for Leeds - even when ole big gobs gone?

  4. Dont know about ditch the dirt...but its time to ditch this boring blog..if the writer isnt copying others the writer churns out rubbish..the writer cant even wind people up waste of time,and i would be suprised if the writers ego allowed this to be shown.