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Saturday, 2 February 2013

Ex Liverpool Clown Benitez Bags Another Chelsea Custard Pie!

How much longer can he hang on to the job? Benny Benitez, the biggest clown in football management, has done it again! Arriving in Newcastle with Red Nose Day just around the corner, Benny played the perfect clown again, collecting a pie in the face from pants down Pardew.

It is one inept performance after another under Benitez. If Abromovich doesn't act quickly, Torres and co will be struggling to qualify for next season's Europa League, just like the once mighty Reds.

The Benny legacy at Liverpool was pitiful and the club have never recovered from his free spending tenure. Even wily Woy and King Kenny couldn't repair the damage. As every week passes, Chelsea slip closer to mediocrity, with Benny following his Liverpool blueprint to the letter. Joy!


  1. omg you are a moron.....

    1. morons are supposed to have an IQ of abt 30, i don't think he is in double figures yet!!

  2. No comment?, here's one for you, YOU ARE A DISGRACE TO YOUR PROFESSION!, PLONKER!!!.

  3. you absolute tosser go back to sunday league under 11 football and come back when mummy`s told you you`ve grown up

  4. "Biggest clown in football management"?
    La Liga: 2
    Champions League: 1
    Uefa Cup: 1
    FA Cup: 1

  5. I think you're right. Rafa is a clown and he's ruining cfc. But roman put him there so I hope he gets everything he deserves- a club in ruins that can't hold a lead. They look more like an under 11's side.
    A bunch of heartless, cashed-up, b'lose'ers.
    Pathetic chelsea

  6. You're that thick you don't even know your own name and have to hide behind the anonymous pseudonym Hammersfan. I've known a few borderline deranged Hammers fans but you take the biscuit. You just like to see your vitriol in print. I'd like to pour a bottle of bubble fluid down your gullet to see if it might improve your manners.

  7. Hammersfan win a game and goes senile! Must still be bitter over 06 FA Cup!

  8. He's been brought in on a temporary basis and has been treated poorly by the supporters since day one, can you blame the man for not giving it his all, be honest would you try your hardest at a job when nobody liked or appreciated it, you obviously don't try at all when writing this dross.

  9. Rafa, is just not suited for the Prem, he over complicates things, So to all ya Raf fans WE DONT WONT HIM BACK AT LIVERPOOL. we playing football now, we have a manager that says it how it is, not blames everyone else. So in BR we trust,

  10. The muppet who wrote this is some toss pot go away and grow up you're the clown kid

  11. doris is in tears because she loves Leeds and the tears are tears of pure joy.