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Saturday, 2 February 2013

Homely Reading Show Big Spending QPR The Way

Oh dear, what a shame. QPR sacked Warnock, then Hughes, spent a small fortune, then a bigger fortune, then a bigger fortune still, and Reading stuck with McDermott and spent, well peanuts. When 'Arry breezed in to Loftus Road with an open cheque book QPR and Reading were neck and neck in the race for bottom spot, now Reading sit outside the bottom three and the Hula Hoops are six points adrift of safety, firmly rooted to the foot of the table.

Today's game against clueless Norwich had Must Win written all over it for the Mercenaries In The Bush, but Taarabt fluffed his lines, fluffed a penalty, and yet another game slipped by without a victory. QPR can draw every remaining game between now and the end of the season and they will still end up with just 30 points. 'Arry knows how to get the draws, but the crucial wins are proving just as elusive as under Hughes.

And still better, big money signing Loic Remy has torn a groin muscle. Serves the big spending twats running the club right! Most fans, myself included, had a soft spot for Rangers before Fernandes came in and started boasting about his wad. Well it seems size really doesn't matter, it's what you do with it in the Bush that counts! Just 17,000 watched today's game and it is absurd that with gates like that, QPR have been chucking around money like a lottery winner on speed. All affection for the club has evaporated and, outside of the Bush, you will struggle to find a football fan who doesn't hope that QPR get what they richly deserve.

Meanwhile, Reading and the ever so decent Brian McDermott have rolled up their sleeves and rolled over a number of opponents. Just goes to show that  the old Royals have more class than the new money upstarts doesn't it?


  1. You've never had a soft spot for Rangers,and we have had two more wins away to Chelsea and home v Fulham,two more than the clueless Mark Hughes would ever have got.
    You are even more bloody clueless with all your dribble and remember
    things never stay the same in football,yeh injuries and piss poor signings[before Redknapp],have put an almost impossible mountain to climb.
    But you clueless closet hammer fan,if you follow football properly you would there is improvement,[and if we were starting now i guarantee this would be a very different season.
    It looks grim,but at least our lads are battling so now,so sit down shut up closet hammer.

    1. First of all, I have had a soft spot for QPR for many years now. Stan Bowles was my favourite player when he was in his pomp, and that team with Gerry Francis, Dave Thomas, Don Given and co were a delight to watch. I cheered you on to promotion even though Warnock was in charge. It was the arrival of Fernandes and the awful arrogance of the gRs that followed that lost my sympathy - added to the signing of Dyer and Gabbidon, two players we feel contempt for at Upton Park.

    2. You do only sing when your winning don't you?,not heard a whisper from you whilst
      the Hammers were so many games without a win,as MOTD pointed out,which i didn't know as i have little interest n West Ham!
      I met Tony Fernandes before the 0-5 thrashing at Swansea,a successful genuine bloke who i am sure you would've appreciated if he got to run your club!
      He would've done all in his power to bring success to the Hammers,there is so much money at stake,with tv etc next season,it's worth one last throw of the dice,the fact that Johnson, Zamora and now Remy have all had injuries long & hopefully in Remy's case short term are nothing to joke about,its just very bad luck and it's football.
      He gave backing to a man in Hughes,whom i began to lose all respect for,his wheeling & dealing in buying individuals instead of team players,the reserve?!!
      Ryan Nelson[whom we have lost also! A big loss,replaced by monster Samba,
      what more could you ask from your chairman there? For god's sake!!],being the exception,as was superb.
      Pleased you mention my old hero Bowles etc,and yeh how we would love to see
      that all back.
      But in case you hadn't noticed,it's all big bucks in the prem now,er Tony Carroll?!
      Man.City Man.Utd etc etc etc!,so what are Qpr doing different,apart from trying a bit too quick in case of Hughes mainly,i just don't know.
      It's just the fact it's gone horribly wrong,and Harry has a hell of a job to turn it around,but i think so far he is close to getting there,albeit a bit late perhaps?.
      So when we don't get the so called expected result,we immediately have to put up with your dribble!!
      I will expect total silence from you as usual,when this all comes back to bite your silly closet west ham ass!!
      Battle on YOU R'S

  2. I used to have a soft spot for West Ham too before I started reading your poor posts.
    In the same way you seem to enjoy our misfortune I now hope for yours.
    What makes me laugh is your "I told you so attitude". I remember when Fernandes took over and you said he would not spend and was a bullsh*ter. Now he is spending and you still criticise. Whatever happens it seems you have it in for the Grrrs.
    Fernandes has made mistakes, but he has stuck to his word and has backed QPR. Can't ask for more than that.
    Come on you Grrrs. F*ck of West Ham!

    1. It's true, I didn't expect Fernandes to spend that much. He's a bigger fool than I took him for. But where has it got you? What a monumental cock up!

  3. As a QPR fan, I do understand that some fans from other clubs may feel envious that we have been spending vast sums to try and buy our premiership security but isn't that how clubs achieve success? Blackburn were the fist to 'buy' the prem, then Chelsea, followed by City. Having seen my beloved club languish in the wilderness for 15 years, we are just trying to do whatever is necessary to keep us in the best league in the world. Please don't hate us for that, I dare say that other clubs would do the same if their club came into big money. Will we survive? I think that we have done all we can to give ourselves a fighting chance but it may be too late.....come on you RRRRR's.

  4. Rome wasn't built in a day,my friend and it would have been foolish of us to think it would be anything other than easy this season,cock up under Hughes,but slowly going in the right direction with Harry & co.,we hope!
    If we go down,we can only hope we do a boing boing,never boring supporting the superhoops thru thick & thin,torture at times but we love our R's,true fans.

  5. Closed your link telling us Remy's out for two months,jumping the gun again,wrong once again!
    And not giving us R's fans a chance 2take the p##s out of you 4a change!
    As previously said Rome wasn't built in a day!