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Thursday, 26 December 2013

Zola curses as Sannino gets all the luck at Watford!

Poor Gianfredo. Towards the end, nothing would go right for him at Watford.

Then when he is pointed towards the exit door and, unlike Malky, puts dignity ahead of clinging on, Lady Luck promptly removes the strap on that she had been shafting Zola with and lies down on the bed with her arse in the air - just as Sannino walks through the door!

What would Zola have given for a penalty in the tenth minute of a game, with the opposition reduced to 10 men as part of the bargain? From that point on, it was plain bloody sailing! And just to rub salt into Zola's ripped rectum, Watford were then awarded a second penalty to help them romp to victory!

4-0! Watford and Sannino are on a roll.

Bring on Redknapp's stuttering QPR!


  1. I bet Watford winning has ruined your Christmas......

    Oh dear, and I see the happy Hammers were thrashed at home.........never mind.

  2. Yep west ham going down! Ha ha. We can all slag west ham off next year when there in the championship!

  3. Concentrate on that shit served up by Allardyce...

  4. Its pretty clear to all of us your journalist skills are so poor that your never make a living out of it. So rather than continue to write this drivle. Other than wan*ing over Harry Redknapp and Paul Ince. Isnt it time you got a new hobby and moved on?