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Monday, 30 December 2013

Sherwood one game closer to Tottenham Hotspur exit despite victory over Stoke

Timmy is pleased, and rightly so. Spurs actually won at home. And scored three goals. And kept a clean sheet. But so what?

Four games in, and does anybody really think that Spurs wouldn't be in a better position now had they retained AVB? The League Cup exit to West Ham was inept, and Timmy must carry a large slice of the blame because of the withdrawal of Adebayor.

True the win at Southampton was a bonus, but it came courtesy of an own goal, and the home draw against West Brom was an appalling result. As for the Stoke victory, the result was no better than par, and Tottenham needed a penalty to get the ball rolling. That Soldado is a genius from the penalty spot isn't he?

And now Timmy is promising to attack at Old Trafford! Great if it comes off, but if Tottenham get hammered Timothy will be lambasted for his naivety. Levy will be squirming ahead of the game, and if there is a repeat of the Etihad debacle, he will be fuming. If you are going to attack the Mancs, don't shout about it in advance - that will just get them fired up!

But Timmy doesn't know any other way, as he innocently admits. For him, football is a simple game. Defenders defend, attackers attack and midfield players do a bit of both. With that sort of scientific understanding of the game, Timmy could be the next England manager, but he is unlikely to plot a route through to Champions League qualification!

Timmy Time is ticking down already, and the clock may speed up if Tottenham suffer a New Year's Day Massacre!


  1. Wow, what a wonderful insightful piece of journalism written purely from the 'hate Spurs ' perspective. Not a trace of any constructive criticism, nor any actual content merely a poorly veiled attempt to find a new way of sniping. Well (badly) done.

  2. Except for the very obvious fact that had there been a quality replacement for AVB when he was sacked, then he would have already been appointed instead of Timmy. So even if Spurs get massacred at Man U, what options does Levy have of appointing anyone who will do any better than Senor Sherwood? None! I understand your dislike of Timmy (I am no fan of him myself) but at this point, he is the manager Spurs have until the end of the season, like it or not. What the summer brings (Van Gaal, Simeone, De Boer, etc...), we shall see but until then, best to accept reality and support the gaffer and the team we have. It is what it is.

  3. Enjoy relegation. The league will be a better place.

  4. What a bitter 'article', what's the West Ham game got to do with the Stoke game? I suggest you talk to some Spurs fans and gauge the atmosphere around the club before spouting this bile.

  5. That’s right, our new players haven’t needed time to settle, particularly with a new manager changing our style of play….we should have won the league by now…..its not great for people writing blogs but it would be good to read about the need for a little patience now and again

  6. 'Four games in, and does anybody really think that Spurs wouldn't be in a better position now had they retained AVB?'

    Yes, I'm sure AVB the masterful tactician who drew at home to Stoke and West Brom last season and got us knocked out of the cups by Norwich, Leeds, and Basel, would have done much better.

    In the three league fixtures Sherwood has been in charge for, he has collected 7 points to AVB's five from the equivalent games last season.

  7. Good luck getting relegated. Try talking abou. your own team

  8. Newsflash! With every game that's played, EVERY manager moves one game closer to the exit door. That doesn't make it any time soon

  9. It's ashame it has come to this. We have been grasping at straws and have deal with what's dealt. No blame to Sherwood if he doesn'take the grade, it was a difficult job for AVB and he supposedly knew what was going on. How the hell did the board back all the spending if it wasn't a longterm plan. If anyone should get the boot next l vote Levy. He has to take his responsibility on this matter.

  10. Your an idiot, with all our injuries our defense and midfield decimated we are still playing our most effective football in over 12 months.
    and us exiting the league cup? please..... who gives a toss... first game in charge...
    he is being blamed "because of the withdrawal of Adebayor."
    What planet you on.. really do Arsenal fans have nothing better to do???
    Tim could be the start of the dynasty or he may not, lets see...
    Love the way your playing...COYS

  11. I didn't even bother to read the full article as it's utter rubbish! Adebayor had played 45 mins all season under AVB. Ade was clearly lacking in fitness n that was THE ONLY reason he was subbed! Sherwood has got Spurs playing proper attacking football to great effect, something that AVB never done in his whole time as Spurs coach. Clearly the writer of this pathetic tripe has no idea what they are spouting on about!

  12. It's interesting to read the rubbish written by some people.I don't know wether Tim will succeed and neither do you.I would put it in the so far so good category at the moment.I know one thing,I was bored watching Spurs under AVB and so far I am enjoying watching them play under Tim.Spurs are equal with the sports yardstick Man U and only 8 points off the top so an upward or downward spiral are equally possible.

  13. What a terrible article. Really, blame the West Ham result on the withdraw of Adebayor? He wouldn't even be on the pitch if Sherwood didn't bring him back into the fold. Also, calling the Stoke result par is crazy. When has a 3-0 victory ever been par for Spurs? Especially since AVB brought is slow methodical approach to town. I think any Spurs fan would tell you that the atmosphere is much more positive without AVB. Most didn't want the Chelsea cast off to begin with. I'm happy that Sherwood is getting a shot. He knows the club, the players, the fans and he understands Spurs football. If Soldado starts finishing and the injury bug leaves Spurs alone I like our chances.

  14. Have to agree with you on the West Brom game. Any team that can only draw with the useless Hammers must be a banker win every time


    1. I assume this is meant to be a joke - Hammers, West Brom?