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Sunday, 1 December 2013

Respect to QPR's Barton!

Well said Joey Barton! The popular press are going after him for his latest "Twitter rant" about Manchester United's golden boy Ryan Giggs, but I think his comments are absolutely spot on. What Giggs did to his brother was truly disgusting, and to show the guy any respect after that is hypocrisy gone mad.

So, for once, Barton is absolutely right to spew forth his bile. In fact, the big question is why the BBC didn't ask the Welshman about it when they were interviewing him ahead of his fortieth birthday.  Perhaps the question could have been phrased, "And after passing forty, do you think it will be as easy to get into the pants of your in-laws?"

Mind you, if Joey is going to come over all honest, perhaps he should now tweet about 'Arry. Might I suggest something along the lines of, "Forgetting you have a bank account in Monaco in the name of your pet dog? I'm not having that!"


  1. Well said Joey, said some daft things sometimes when you should have kept quiet but your spot on on this one.

  2. Joey barton almost as big a dick head as you hammers fanny

  3. Absolutely right. The media is falling over themselves to herald this "great" player yet a dog of a man. They brushed the whole affair of the front pages a lot quicker than Terry banging Bridge's missus. So quick in fact that not everyone will know that he got his brother's wife pregnant and then made her have an abortion. Can't stand the bloke, just shows the Man U pulling power!