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Friday, 20 December 2013

Tim Sherwood deserves shot at Tottenham Hotspur job after West Ham game

Poor Tim Sherwood, some unkind Spurs fans seem anxious for him to be replaced sooner rather than later, which is so unfair and illustrates how fickle fans can be.

Those calling for a big name replacement have clearly failed to grasp the significance of the narrow defeat against Alliardichi's Hammers; they should be asking, how long ago is it since Spurs were rolled over by the very same team at the very same ground by three goals to nil?

Look at it in the round and you have to acknowledge outstanding progress, given Tottenham: a) Managed to score; and b) Only shipped two goals instead of three. That is a net gain of two goals!

The decision to select Adebayor - so stupidly ignored by AVB whilst in charge - proved inspired, with the mega wage earner giving Tottenham the lead; and it would be churlish in the extreme to point to his withdrawal as a reason for Tottenham subsequently losing the game, because his substitution was only made possible by his inclusion in the first place!

It is true that Sherwood looked clueless when things started to go wrong, but again context is needed. He has inherited a team on its knees after the recent hammerings by Man City and Liverpool, so it is little wonder that when Alliadichi sent on his offensive unit, Tottenham crumbled. When you are defending against the might of Mogadon Maiga, who hadn't scored a goal in over 12 months of football so was long overdue a goal, what chance do you stand exactly?

No, all the criticism is unfair. Tottenham were trying to beat a team with the mighty Linda McCarthorse playing at centre back and the almost as mighty Carlton Cole up top - not to mention that midfield maestro Matty Taylor! Keeping all this in mind, it would surely be perverse of Levy to look elsewhere.

Give the job to Tim, I say; and I'm sure the majority of West Ham fans would agree!


  1. Well said, brilliant, they don't know how lucky they are, they never do!

  2. Lol he's an idiot it was up tempo headless chicken football against relegation rubbish, he selected Defoe ffs.

  3. Wtf Sherwood is Shiite.

  4. Tottenham dominated the game,and still cameoff 2nd best.This west ham team,is not the one of the past.With its footballing philosphy,its a long ball team now.Yes Tottenham out played them all over the Park.but credit the hammers for hanging in there,and snatching the game.Until Tottenham start converting there opportunities,times are only going to get bleaker.What has struck that against Mancity,Suirs actually played reasonabally well.but were outclassed by a team on fire.Against Liverpool.While Liverpool played well,,Tottenham probably played one of there poorest displays in years.Which made the pool ,while playing well,look a lot better than they really were.Mcnaughton at left full back,being a pricinciple illustration()Tottenham 3rd choice-left back) He made Sterling look world class.And whille Stierling is a decent player.World class he is not.

  5. Leeds Leeds Leeds. Don't be shy.

  6. I have supported spurs for 50 years through the good and the bad.. have seen managers come and go, and Burkinshaw was right when he said there used to be a football club there. The high pressure game that it has become since the halcyon days is killing football; money driven madness, like a cancer that is eating its way through the very fibre of its soul. The days are long gone when a managers job was relatively safe when securing a respectable league position.. now its top four or sleepless nights. As for the champions league well that's a contradiction in terms isn't it? Only one team can win the league! As for Daniel Levy.. I respect his business acumen and what he and the board has achieved regarding financial stability but he knows jack shit about the game in general; sacking AVB will come back to haunt him ... I hope!!"