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Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Watford weighing up Sannino and Bibsancone for manager post

So, after Zola's resignation, its looking like a straight fight between ex Chievo manager Giuseppi Sannino and recently sacked West Brom boss Steve Bibsancone.

Of course, should Bibsancone join, it would be a real kick in the teeth for Zola, who regarded him as his best buddy at West Ham, until rumours circulated that the Scot had questioned the Italian's ability to turn things around in a private chat at the training ground with David Sullivan. That was the beginning of the end for both men at Upton Park and following their dismissal, the pair went their separate ways.

Bibsancone quickly found a job at Liverpool when West Ham sacked the pair, but Zola was left kicking his heels for the best part of two years until he was able to call in a favour from the Pozzo Family.

But amazingly there are rumours linking Zola with West Brom - and how weird would it be if the two men simply swapped jobs? As a West Ham fan fearful of relegation, I would open the champagne should Zola be given the Baggies job as that would be one relegation berth as good as filled!

Who is in the Bibsancone camp? Well the Grand Puppet Master for one, and possibly Filthy Lucre Nani.

What about Sannino? He is clearly the Pozzo candidate. Who wants useless British managers like Dyche when you can employ an Italian eh? Not that this guy has much of a track record of course. But in Italy it's all about the extended family and you don't want outsiders getting involved in your business.

So Sannino is the very short priced favourite but Bibsancone may yet come up on the rails. True he failed at West Ham. True Liverpool looked clueless under Dalglish and his less than able assistant. And true West Brom sacked him less than 18 months into the job. But all of that may count for nothing if Consiglieri Duxbury knows and likes you.


  1. Following GFZ's departure from Watford, I thought we would have moved off of your radar screen, and it would have been the end of the weird and usually inane drivel you write about us.
    Anyway, we continue to live in hope.

  2. Why are you so bothered about Watford? Also, why do you talk so much crap?