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Monday, 16 December 2013

Capello the next through the Tottenham Hotspur managerial revolving door

So AVB has gone. Just like that. Give Levy his due, that was bloody decisive! And how 'Arry must be chuckling as he fills out his tax return including his severance payment from Spurs!

How much of the Bale money is left one wonders. Never mind transfer fees and sky high salaries, Tottenham seem intent on spending it all on paying up the contracts of sacked managers!

Tell me, if somebody keeps making the wrong decision when appointing managers, shouldn't that somebody be shown the door? If the buck has to stop somewhere, shouldn't it stop with Levy, either for making duff appointments in the first place or for cutting short managerial projects before they have time to flourish?

So who is next? Fabio Capello is strongly tipped and I bet Spurs fans are over the moon about that prospect given the guy's performance as England manager!

Once again, the word farce comes to mind. 

1 comment:

  1. The game has indeed gone crazy.

    Sacking one boring defensive manager in favour of another would just about sum it up.