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Saturday, 21 December 2013

Tottenham won't be playing De Boering football any time soon

So Frank De Boer has put two fingers up to Levy and the Spurs board by saying that he has no intention of switching to Tottenham from Ajax.

And, of course, his rejection of the job makes absolute sense given he can qualify for the Champions League year in and year out at Ajax, whereas qualification at Spurs comes around with the same frequency as Halley's Comet!

However, one can't help feeling that Franky boy is missing a trick. Let's face it, if you take the Spurs job and have half a dozen "Ooh Betty!" moments over 18 months, you are guaranteed the sack and a £4.5million pound pay off; which sounds like nice work if you can get it to me!

Still, Spurs shouldn't fret yet. True one big name has rejected them, but Warnock is still out of work and the mighty Tim Sherwood reckons he knows what it takes to lead the club to glory. Who needs the likes of De Boer when men of that calibre are available?


  1. Your club dont even have the bottle or money to get rid of Big Boring Sam. If he left you will be recalling Curbishley.

  2. Pointless commentary - you must be proud of your journalistic skills.