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Sunday, 22 December 2013

Did QPR owner back the wrong horse when he let McClaren leave for Derby?

Tony Fernandes must be sweating a little after yesterday's results. Surely QPR have to win promotion this season or fall foul of the FFP rules. And whilst 'Arry's boys stumbled to a home defeat against Leicester, McClaren's Derby kept up their amazing charge.

So how much of QPR's revival at the start of the season was down to the Wally with the Brolly? The former England man is a figure of ridicule amongst fans, but the QPR players credited him for rebuilding belief on the training field, and he has had an amazing impact at Derby since replacing Nigel Clough.

And meanwhile QPR under Redknapp are stuttering. Given the money spent and the wage bill, QPR should be storming the division, but with yesterday's defeat they have now only taken 11 points from the last 7 games, and over a 46 game season that works out at 72 points, which only just qualifies you for the playoffs; and if you average out on the basis of the last 11 games, the figure reduces to 66 which amounts to 8th or 9th place! And the next two games have the potential for further slip ups, away to Nottingham Forest and Zolaless Watford.

Of course, QPR have a cushion thanks to the results achieved when McClaren was still at the club, but that buffer has been chipped away over the last 6 weeks and many more slips up could spell big trouble.

Leicester are level on points with 'Arry's boys now and Derby are only two points behind with a superior goal difference. With Dyche's Burnley refusing to drop away, it looks like any two from 4 at the moment - and after all the money Fernandes has invested, that really isn't good enough.


  1. Good point, Hammersfan. For once your somewhat cynical, jaundiced view of our club's dealings makes sense. However, you're forgetting that McLaren has very strong emotional ties to Derby from his playing days, so there is no way we could have ever really competed with that. We actually played some fantastic football for much of yesterday's game. We just couldn't take the numerous gilt-edged chances that came our way. Not sure you can really blame 'Appy 'Arry for that.

  2. Cheers mate. Have a great Christmas. I understand the Redknapps are having goose for Christmas dinner because Arry reckons he's had his fill of turkeys since joining QPR!

    1. Would be quite funny if QPR go up pass your spam danglers on the the way down!! Ha ha ha

  3. You're obviously a disgruntled QPR fan. Because we seem to be the main point of most of your posts.

  4. About the first sensible post you've written about us. Well done

  5. you should take a look at your own manager. whats more likely is QPR promotion and west ham relegation.

  6. There seems to be some truth in this - 2nd half QPR were toothless and leicester could (and should have) won by a larger margin. Redknapp got the tactics wrong trying to spread the play wide, after dominating the first half in the centre. the players clearly did not respond to the half time talk.

  7. I believe Redknapp has yet to stay with a club for a full season after he got them relegated, so that has to be factored in. QPR are also looking down the barrels of a swingeing fine on FFP rules if they get promoted (and a transfer embargo if they aren't). I'm not sure what the plan is around that, they seem to be thinking they can talk their way out of it (or Fernandes is in the mood to pay the £60m+ fine if they go up, or they go into administration once up and take the points penalty). I actually think they'd be better off not getting promoted, bizarrely enough.

    And as for West Ham, from what I hear the board can either afford to buy Allardyce a new striker (or more likely get one on loan, if they buy one it would be at the sub £2m level), or else to fire Allardyce, but not both.