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Monday, 23 December 2013

Sherwood might walk out on Tottenham Hotspur

After the epic victory over Southampton and the narrow defeat against Allardichi's free scoring Hammers, Tim Sherwood has established his credentials and should surely be a shoe in for the vacant manager's job.

And the former Spurs super star has made his position crystal clear. He "aint" interested in a caretaker role, just keeping the seat warm for some European arse - no, he is a big enough arse himself for the job. Yes sir! So he only wants the job for the duration.

So with news of the Van Gaal approach, Timothy's position has become pretty much untenable. If he hangs around like a bad smell awaiting Levy's latest air freshener he looks pathetic, and any respect the squad has for him diminishes - so there's only one honourable course left open to him, and that's to hammer on Levy's door and say, "You aint treating me with the respect I deserve so I aint taking it any longer. As of this moment you aint got a manager. 'Appy Christmas."

And if he does, it won't only be the turkey that's stuffed at White Hart Lane!


  1. Your sad, pathetic obsession with Tottenham is obviously causing you sleepless nights.... You might want to concentrate more on relegation, Millwall and Orient instead...

  2. He got the job u clown!