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Thursday, 26 December 2013

Sherwood moves one game closer to the sack as Tottenham Hotspur struggle again

Well that was a brief honeymoon! Timmy now has a full house after three games: one loss, one win and one draw. And today's dropped home points were certainly not what Daniel Levy ordered.

According to Timmy, West Brom's equaliser was a "kick in the privates" but if he thinks that was painful, just wait until his chairman swings his boot. The victory at Southampton only came courtesy of an own goal and the inability of Timmy's team to protect a lead against very modest opposition in the form of West Ham and West Brom does not bode well for his management tenure.

Bookmakers will be offering spread bets soon on how long Timmy remains in charge. He may just make it through to the end of the season, but many more results like today and Levy could be pressing the ejector button yet again!


  1. Ha. You're more concerned about Tottenham's result than you are West Ham's. Pathetic.

  2. the bubbles have gone to your head you pratt

  3. Not exactly an edifying or insightful piece of prose, but we should all encourage you to keep trying because the Hammers will need Championship coverage from you next year.

  4. Shit , levy messed this up by sacking AVB mid season, AVB can not do any worst than Sherwood. Yeah seemlike we have another poor manager again. This is so painful. The feeling is back. The feeling of the old tottenham, the feeling that we can lose to anyone even when we are 3-0 ahead at half time.

  5. bring in King LOUIS VAN GAAL to save Spurs