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Thursday, 19 December 2013

Leyton Orient planning name change to West Ham United Reserves

Bless. Barry Hearn wants to move Leyton Orient to the Olympic Stadium to share with West Ham! It's a bit like letting the younger sibling go to her brother's birthday party. True she will be out of place and end up crying in the corner with nobody taking any notice of her, but if it stops her screaming the place down for two weeks prior to the event well...anything for a quiet life!

Quite what Hearn hopes to achieve, other than realising the redevelopment potential of Brisbane Road is anybody's guess. Hang on, did I just write that sentence? Realising the redevelopment potential of Brisbane Road is, of course, EXACTLY what Barry Hearn is trying to achieve.

And once the stadium becomes Brisbane Road Mansions, what purpose does the football club serve? Let them share the ground with West Ham for a few seasons and then let them fade away as Hearn applies for a name change: and given the ground share, West Ham United Reserves would fit the bill nicely!


  1. So is Barry going to stump of some of the £15 million West Ham are paying towards refurbishments? Is his club going to pay £2 million a year in rent as well? Since Orient only turns over approximately £2.75 million per annum I really don't think so.

  2. Is that the same guy used to have British snooker in his back pocket?

  3. What an idiotic article.

  4. Hammers fan here, I actually wouldn't mind this, it works in Milan. Plus I have serious doubts that we'll fill the new stadium, so sharing should help pay for the costs with more ticket sales. We could even have half and half coloured seats like in Milan.

  5. I like the idea of sharing with Leyton Orient, it would be great to share the cost of conversion etc with them. Presuming it would be 50/50 of course, or are West Ham gonna get shafted with this as well, I would be surprised if we didnt!

    1. At least Hearn would chalk his cue before inserting it 'Appy!