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Friday, 18 October 2013

Will Tottenham be in crisis if they lose to Aston Villa

On the surface, it's a bloody silly question given Spurs currently sit sixth in the table, just three points off top spot. But that defeat to West Ham has suddenly put everything in to perspective.

It's not so long ago that Wenger was the manager under pressure and AVB was being hailed as the best thing since, well since Oneday Ramos. Bale had gone, but results wise, you wouldn't have noticed; and with 13 points from six games, Spurs were on course to finish the season with  82 points which would give them an outside chance of winning the title.

The trouble is, the fixture list had been kind and results in the Prem have not been great when you take into account the opposition: one goal wins over Palace, Swansea and Cardiff are nothing to write home about; the 2-0 victory over Norwich was no better than par; the draw at home to Chelsea was two points lost for both teams; and the defeat against Arsenal was a reality check. And then came West Ham!

Look at the respective goal differences of the clubs in the top 6 and Spurs are well adrift, with a positive credit of just one. And given the money spent on attacking players, the scoring return so far this season has been nothing short of pathetic.

Questions are already being asked. Is Soldado up to the job? Will Lamela hang around? Is Chamli anything special? Paulinho apart, young Townsend has been the star so far so it is looking as if the Bale money may have been invested poorly.

Of course, nerves will be settled should Spurs win emphatically at Villa Park; but should they lose, and slip to mid table, the mutterings will start and that word "crisis" will begin to loom large. AVB was found wanting at Chelsea and, maybe, just maybe, he is not as good as Levy thought. A top four finish should be the minimum expectation this season and even with Man Utd behind them, Spurs are already two places shy of that target.

Should there be another Claret and Blue humiliation for the Cockyfools this weekend, things could get very heated inside White Hart Lane!


  1. Shut up u clown, your nothing but jealous! Not every team have that shite of caliber strikers that they will play 6 in midfield against spurs!

  2. worry about your own grubby little club you mug.

  3. Completely accurate and totally realistic - without Bale, we'd have been nowhere last season, and the signs so far are that the money from his sale has not been spent well - I'd be surprised if AVB lasts the season, and given the rubbish football played under his management, I'll be pleased to see him go (and Levy with him).

  4. Perhaps you should check Aston Villa's fixture list and how they have done, Spurs aren't anything special at the moment and without Bale and with a manager who doesn't even know his best team yet could prove a struggle against Villa. Villa have had the toughest fixture list imaginable and still managed to come out the other end with a good amount of points take the fact they should of won against Chelsea and at least drawn against Liverpool which Villa were very unlucky and you can start to see Villa aren't the rolling over type this season.