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Sunday, 20 October 2013

Manchester United's Moyes Misunderstands Ferguson Fear Factor

Poor David Moyes, since his appointment at Manchester United he has got almost everything wrong. His latest cock up concerns the loss of the "Fear Factor" at Old Trafford since Ferguson's departure.

According to the former Everton man "the fear comes from the team on the pitch", not the manager, which suggests he really hasn't been paying attention for the last twenty odd years. It's not the intimidation of opposition players that is the issue, it is the terror of underperforming that Ferguson instilled in his own charges, and the fear of incurring his wrath that he induced in the match officials.

When Ferguson lost it with his players they sat up and listened - or received a flying boot in the face or a one way ticket out of the club if they didn't. And they listened with good reason, because Ferguson had established his credentials - he was the only man bigger than Manchester United. Who would dare to take on a man who kicked out Beckham and who kept temperaments like Keane's, Cantona's, Rooney's and Ronaldo's, for the most part, in check?

However, in the case of Moyes, there is no respect for the very simple reason that the guy is not a winner. Sure he did a good job at Everton, but Ferguson did a much better job at Aberdeen because he won trophies whilst getting a lesser club to punch above its weight - and the Manchester United superstars know it.

And then, of course, there are the referees who no longer fear demotion for upsetting the ferocious Scot. Gone are the days of an extra six minutes to facilitate a winner. Suddenly, Manchester United have to win games purely on merit!


  1. Absolutely correct.We have a train wreck approaching........He is not learning by any of his mistakes....He is in denial.....I would have more respect for him if he admitted to his failings...but he is blaming the players,the team,....He has blatantly refused Fergie's advice on the backroom staff that we the way ,why is our goalkeeping coach away so much...There ARE player rumblings about training;He's learned nothing as to Rio/Vidic's limited playing times...Or Giggs for that matter.He is dithering,insecure,unprepared and he only just about did an average job at Everton.He has no clue as to what a good player is(Check Zaha...good enough for Sir Alex but not Moyes)....Fellaini is not up to it..he played he mental?....Look at the players heads...they are down....he has killed the team spirit and if the board think that by giving him time,he will sort it......HE WON'T.........THIS WILL BE THE GLAZER'S COSTLIEST BLUNDER......If there is not A STATE OF EMERGENCY AT OLD TRAFFORD.....they are deluded

  2. You spoke well,but am still of the opinion that he should be giving more time and its high time we put SAF factor behind,he is a Father that carry fear.

  3. Moyes doesn't have a clue what he is doing. He muddled along at Everton and didnt really achieve anything. Hes just making it up as he goes along and praying for a miracle