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Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Has Holloway left Crystal Palace to take over at Manchester United?

How bloody absurd. Crystal Palace should have promised Holloway a ten year deal for taking them to the Premiership, but instead they have let the guy go!

How much will Palace make this season? And then there's the little matter of the parachute payments which will give the Eagles every chance of flying straight back up again following relegation. Palace should have knighted the guy!

Let's face it, relegation was always going to be odds on so Olly faced an impossible task from the off. No defence in the world would have prevented Fulham's first two goals on Monday so he can hardly be blamed for that result can he?

One thing's for sure, Holloway won't be out of work for too long. In fact, if Moyes can't turn things around at Man Utd...


  1. I agree with you for a change spam dangler, Holloway has done well for them!

  2. Palace fan for 50 years +
    and I did not want him to go - but I believe he and Parish saw knives in the dressing room and I don't believe from the regulars - they are better than that!
    Some need to be frozen out until January and "With luck" they will be frozen out again then!
    Ollie for ever!

  3. Read that "old big gob" himself is interested in the job! lol