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Thursday, 17 October 2013

Leeds simply must beat Birmingham

It is only mid October but, even this early, the game at home to Birmingham is a must win match. In truth, automatic promotion is already an impossible dream, with a gap of 9 points to the club in third and 12 to the top two. Okay, Burnley may burn out, but your money would then be on either Leicester or Nottingham Forest to join QPR in the top two; and that's before you factor in Watford, Reading and maybe Wigan, once Europe is out of the way.

But the playoffs remain a possibility. Blackpool are average, the younger Ince apart, and Burnley will probably finish closer to eighth in the table than first. So there are still two places to fight for.

Some will argue that it is foolish to make predictions so early in the season but I'm happy to be taken to task if QPR, Forest, Leicester and Watford don't fill four of the top 6 places. So who are the contenders for the other two places?

The Wally with the Brolly may take Derby on a run; Blackpool have points in the bank; Burnley have more; Reading are more than decent by Championship standards; player by player, Blackburn should be strong enough for the top six; with Europe out of the way, you would expect some sort of Wigan charge; and Ipswich have as good a chance as Leeds.

But if Leeds are going to compete, that 6 point gap to sixth place can't grow any wider. The away form isn't great, so the home games simply have to be won, especially against teams that sit even lower than Leeds in the table.

The trouble is, Birmingham aren't as bad as their league position suggests, and even if Leeds dominate possession, there is no guarantee that goals will be scored. The failure to recruit over the international break  has simply focused everybody's minds - even the Yapping Post - on the lack of creativity in the team.

Unfortunately, the Birmingham game is televised so Elland Road is likely to be half empty again. Yorkshiremen aren't going to forgo the KFC Family Bucket for a game that can be watched on the box. And come Sunday afternoon, the gap to sixth and to the top two could be still wider, making the game seem somewhat irrelevant.

McDermott needed to make a loan signing to get the fans on board and, of course, he may yet do so. But so far it is the same old talk of "frustration" and now of "hurt". A win on Sunday could be the perfect balm, but a draw or defeat would pour acid into the already festering wound.

My prediction? 1-1.


  1. You make a awful lot of predictions in this post, could you tell me what lottery numbers you have picked for this weekend.
    One question you said last year you were going to move on this season and write about another club, this appears not to be the case. TALK TO ME ?
    H- 3475, W.A.C.C.O.E

  2. Nice comments but the truth is we still have no signings we still don't own the ground we still don't have investors & we still don't have a pot to piss in. Sick of empty promises,at beginning of season felt optimistic of promotion now will be happy just to survive league!

  3. Hate to say it but I have to agree with you. Sick of listening to all the shit being spun out of Elland Road at the moment, Brian has money but can't seem to make a signing, we are all hurting etc. etc.
    Did he honestly think that the goals we require to get out of this division were going to come from Hunt and Smith???
    Anyway, will be hoping for (but not confident) 3 points this wkd. MOT

  4. Zzzzzz , wake me up when you've have something important to say Tracy

  5. I Believe your going to the match ;)

  6. Thanks for your support....I am clinging to the faint hope that some "Reading like" miraculous revival will happen where we win 24 games on the trot....but it seems very unlikely considering the total lack of ability to score a goal or play football in any shape or form....could be worse we could be the blunts !

  7. My prediction is that pink elephants will fly over elland rd,when rudi austin gets a shot on target,instead of trying to kill someone in the kop with his lorimer specials.

  8. Bet of the month!

    Leeds to win! (he who dares wins)

  9. Good post for a change. The hope now is to beat teams near the bottom and not get sucked into the scrap. The Yeovil game is vital. Can't see where points are coming from before then. Sunday forecast: 0 - 3 with a free header fest for their big centre forward if he plays - he'll get crosses delivered. Can't see how Leeds will score unless a free kick is converted. Support is far better than they deserve - still paying good money to be deceived and let down - yet again. Bates legacy and Warnock's deadbeats leave ER more like a gift shop than a fortress. Brian can't make a silk purse with a pig's ear - and that's all he's got.

  10. McD must simply start with Reg Varney instead of the Complete Useless One.

  11. I'm not gonna pay attention to your predictions cos you got em all wrong last season.its cos you know fuck all.I do find it funny that you read the evening post.LOL

  12. Burnley won't burn out.