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Wednesday, 8 January 2014

West Ham should speak to Paul McGowan's solicitors urgently

So St Mirren player Paul McGowan has got away with assaulting two police officers, picking up a non custodial sentence of 130 hours unpaid work and a one year supervision order.

That sounds like a result to me, and with Tomkins accused of assaulting police officers whilst resisting arrest outside an Essex night club, the club should be asking how the hell McGowan's solicitors got away with it.

Of course, McGowan was sentenced in Scotland, and kicking coppers in the body is possibly a more common occurrence north of Hadrian's Wall, but if a no mark Scottish player can avoid gaol on the basis of his footballing career, surely a great of the game like James Tomkins will receive lenient treatment too.

Until his brief asks for JT's criminal defending to be taken into account when sentencing of course!

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