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Thursday, 30 January 2014

Manchester United Director Linked with Bid for Leeds United

You couldn't write it could you? With Haigh's proposed takeover collapsing because his employers GFH Capital have reneged on an agreement, and Cellino circling like a burglar hoping to creep in through a fanlight window inadvertently left open, Manchester United director Mike Farnan is now said to be heading up a consortium interested in buying Leeds. Talk about a marriage made in hell for Leeds fans!

Perhaps Mahmoud Ahmadinejad should stand in the next Israeli elections or Ed Balls should offer his services to Cameron as a replacement for Gorgie Porgie Osborne! Just imagine, a Manchester United director owning Leeds United!

But Leeds fans shouldn't over react. This may be a way forward. Given this lead by Farnan, the Mancs might buy the club lock, stock and sawn off barrels, and turn Leeds into a nursery team. Like that, Leeds fans could expect to see some great young talent playing at Elland Road even if the club never makes it back to the Prem!

And that has to be a better bet than Cellino who is rumoured to want to close the Academy!

Marching on Together with Manchester United has a certain ring about it, don't you think?


  1. I think you will find its ex manure director. You know like ex football club west ham. Even if ye stay up your so called football club contributes nothing to the perm league only lining Gold's pocket. Maybe you would have been better of with the mafia. I'd rather fr Brian any day over fat Sam Arivadercio

  2. Zzzzzzz sack fat Sam ,, shhhh nev

  3. Have you got comments disabled?

  4. Mock the weak...our club is a shambles, end of, no arguments, RIP LUFC

  5. Heard Red Bull are circling again....

  6. West Ham's future:

    1) Relegation
    2) Administration
    3) Further relegation to division

    Couldn't happen to a nicer club - our representative of the most loathsome, foul, ugly, crime-ridden pile of crap in Europe.

    Mwah x

  7. You was doing ok until the last paragraph Hammersfan,The takeover at MY beloved club as turned into a bit of a farce,in fact its pretty f**ked up.the current slump in form from ourselves started about the same time as we started getting
    promises of money to spend etc,etc,so its clearly affecting the players, and
    the manager too, who was being pressured into letting Festa, ex Boro sit on bench
    for the match with Ipswich,
    obviously he was told to F**K right off !, but the fact they even tried makes me think
    W T F is going on at my Church, thats Elland Road to you Hammers .If this takeover doesn't get sorted soon ,We is f**ked, for this season anyway, and just for record, I personally would prefer if NOBODY from Scumchester invested in LUFC.
    Better DEAD than Red....MOT

    1. I understand your pain Alf, and I genuinely hope the mess is sorted asap and that the Leeds fans are not exploited still more. My posts are tongue in cheek and there is, inevitably, a certain pleasure felt when a club like Leeds cocks it up even more than my beloved Hammers, but I don't wish utter misery on anybody. So, I wish your lot luck but fear you are going to need it!

  8. Have you been in coma hf? You keep coming out with stuff that's days old!

    1. No. But the snow is bad in Bucharest at the moment and I did lose the internet for a while. And tomorrow I go into hospital so the blog is likely to go quiet for a few days. But thanks for your concern!

  9. Replies
    1. It wont be the same without your entertaining Blogs HF they certainly give me a chuckle, improve soon so we can fire your Banter Back at you.regards from The Elland Road Monastery.

    2. Stop talking to urself!!
      Is that why u r going into hospital?
      Padded cell?

  10. Saha joins Cardiff City rather than West Ham.

    One had to laugh.

    Div 3

    Couldn't happen to a nicer club, the representative of Europe's biggest crime ridden shithole.