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Thursday, 30 January 2014

Cellino would turn Leeds United into a comedy horror show

So Cellino wanted to put Uncle Festa in the dugout for the Ipswich game, and that's before he has bought a stake in the club. That should tell Leeds fans all they need to know about the guy. How long before the rest of the Addams family join the club? Still, the namesake of Uncle Fester, the man with the deranged smile, has at least written an appropriately named book - "Silent Death"!

McDermott has answered my blog from yesterday, giving assurances that he would never walk out on the fans and LUST have joined the love in, giving the Bald Controller a vote of confidence; for what worth that is!  But Friar Brian knows his days will be numbered if Cellino takes control of the club - this guy sacks managers like Mike Gatting eats pies, and he clearly doesn't rate McDermott given he was so anxious to put his own man in the dug out even ahead of buying a stake in the club.

McDermott has already talked about unacceptable interference, and there really is no point in him hanging around if he is nothing more than a figure head waiting to be chopped off. Like the Pozzos at Watford, Cellino will want to flood the club with Italians; and ability and merit will count for nothing. It's all down to Family Business you see, Addams Family business for as long as Uncle Fester is involved.

Of course, before he can take control, the dodgy Italian has to pass the fit and proper person test, and given he has been done for fraud twice, that won't be a forgone conclusion. So a messy period of uncertainly seems almost certain, and that can only be bad news for McDermott and his team.

But for the bloggers it will great fun. When will Pugsley and Wednesday graduate from the youth team? What about Pubert, Thing, Cousin Itt and Lurch?

Personally I can't wait!

All aboard the Leeds United Ghost Train to the Premiership, Europe, Infinity & Beyond!


  1. No life dull prick. Its that shambolic at leeds a.t.m and still mccormack would rather b there than the spammers

  2. Haven't WH just bought an Italian regardless of ability and merit? On & on.

  3. Word has it the mad italian will close the academy. No more Byrams, Milners etc etc. Is this the sort of Leeds we want?

  4. Wont be long before you are playing us again down in the championship .......... McCormack turned you down because he likes to play for a big club ,hows your new athletics stadium coming along

  5. West Ham's next steps:

    1) Relegation playing 19th century football
    2) Administration
    3) Further relegation to division.

    Couldn't happen to a nicer club, the club representing the crime capital of Britain and the least liked shithole in Europe.

    Mwah x

  6. As a Leeds fan your article is mildly amusing. Porn king or dodgy Italian, I'm just not sure that Upton Park is in much safer hands, but let's wait and see. Its sad to see as honest working class fans wil be tthe ones to suffer

  7. Why do you bother? You're using second-hand news and telling us nothing we don't already know!

  8. "A messy period of uncertainly"?

    You've been spending too much time talking with those Romanian rent boys again, you've forgotten your English grammar boy!

  9. Sometimes you crack me up , but your right about one thing where well and truly fucked

  10. He will piss a fit and proper persons test.....well at least on the basis that two porn kings and a fucking prostitute are on wet spams team. Oh yeh...and fat Sam, if he is fit and proper the Iti is Christ resurrected. Wet spam....owned and manages by a bunch of fucking arseholes.....fucking horrible......makes my piss freeze!

  11. go away and watch some "19th century hoofball"

  12. Fat Sam put the whole team in defence again got 0-0 and wet himself