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Saturday, 11 January 2014

Leeds United promotion train pulls into Manchester instead of Sheffield

Oh dear God. What happened there then? The Leeds United McFeelgood Factor Sleeper Express to the Premiership, Europe, Infinity and Beyond must have been re-routed (as in route as opposed to rout - no hang on as in rout as opposed to route!) to the Etihad instead of Hillsborough by mistake!

With Leeds fans who visit this site still gloating over West Ham's mauling by Manchester City, McDermott's Merry Men have only gone out and lost by exactly the same score! Nobody saw that one coming did they?

True Leeds came in to the game without a win in any of their last five games and on the back of a humiliating defeat at fourth division Rochdale, but fans remained upbeat, especially after the capture of Kebe and Stewart on loan at the end of last week. Surely now the promotion train would pick up a head of steam as the Bald Controller ordered everybody on board and blew his whistle for the second half of the season.

After all, this is now McDermott's team! The ghost of the Warnock has been exercised, with Kebe, Stewart, Wootten, Smith, Murphy, Hunt and Zaliukas all signed by Friar Brian and young Mowatt brought through from the youth team. Dear God, that means McDermott could field a team with only three of Warnock's players if he wanted to - and that could include McCormack, Podgy and Byram.

But the ugly truth is that the players brought in seem to be  little better than the players Old Big Gob left behind. Hunt can't get near the team - and with very good reason. Wootten is showing exactly why Manchester United didn't want him. Smith is tall and puts himself about a bit (a bit too much today it seems!) but is raw and nowhere near Premiership quality. Murphy is average. Zaliukas is, well, Lithuanian! And Kebe and Stewart are no great shakes which is why Palace and Hull don't want them!

Look at the table and you see Leeds down to eleventh place and whilst that still represents "steady progress" on last season, it is not what the majority of Leeds fans were hoping for at the start of the season, and not what they were expecting two weeks before Christmas.

The automatic promotion places, which were within reach five games ago, are now an impossible dream and even the playoff places are a win and a draw away, with a clutch of clubs in a better position to capitalise on a slip up by sixth placed Brighton than Leeds. And more worrying still, this six goal thrashing means that Leeds have the worst goal difference amongst the teams in the top 13 positions!

Of course, there was an excuse of sorts today, with the dismissal of Smith, but Leeds have failed to beat 10 men this season and West Ham showed at Cardiff today that ten men can outscore eleven if they are properly organised and have some quality in the ranks. So really, the red card argument doesn't wash. the dismal truth for Leeds fans is that, for the second game in succession, the team performed abjectly, displaying not only a lack of quality but, more worryingly, a lack of desire and spirit.

And most depressingly of all, it was not Manchester City who hammered six goals past Podgy, but Sheffield bloody Wednesday - hardly the Barcelona of even the Championship!

Leeds fans are rightly getting restless. They turned on McDermott at Rochdale and their mood will be ten times worse tonight. Poor Friar Brian seemed to understand from the off that keeping the "vile animals" on board was imperative, but with the McFeelgood Factor Sleeper Express well and truly wrecked today, he faces a huge challenge if he wants to rattle through to promotion on a runaway train of optimism.

But Leeds fans must hold their nerve. Rome wasn't built in a day, and even Revie struggled early doors. Friar Brian needs time. Although Warnock will be enjoying a chuckle tonight, and though sacked by Wednesday, Dave Jones will no doubt be raising a glass in celebration too!


  1. Did West Ham win today, must have done to hear you spout off so quickly. oh yes you won in Wales, in the English premier league, hold on a mo, in Wales????
    Maybe you should be campaigning to get the Welsh sheep shagging English hating wankers out of the English Prem, rather than talking shit about shit Leeds.

    1. We fuck um then you eat them you bellend

  2. Im going to say...... love the title it made me fuckin lolz alot. Bad day for leeds though. It was the 1st time i actually switched off watching my boys in 7 years i was so shocked. Dire game

  3. Did you see the game today, it was quality to see one year on after fearing for his life the Sheff Weds goalie run half the length of the pitch to have a grapple with a Leeds player. A leeds fan can stroke him and he nearly dies, but he is happy to square up to a fully fit and highly trained sportman.
    Wonder if he will get sent to prison for assault...... No, he isn't connected to Leeds of course.

  4. The difference is,that was our worst defeat in 55 years. The city thrashing was w,hams worst defeat in days. You'll no doubt be wetting your knickers after beating the mighty high flying Cardiff but it's a false dawn. Andy caroll is not the messiah,he's a very injury prone boy.

  5. Just my take on things:


  6. Lol who cares, we won't be relegated, see you next season, wet spammer

  7. What the fuck was that today.i sent u a message last wk,that it could get worse,and boy did it get worse.bring back fucking warnock,all is forgiven.

  8. Bad day at the office (understatement) thankful on days like that I no longer have to put up and watch that shit. Horse teeth must be rolling around laughing and dribbling. Made up my mind I now follow Orlando. My club is no longer the club I knew and the hopeless fuckers wearing our famous white shirt can all fuck off they are indeed very shit and your right. I fucking hate admitting it but you our we have invested in more shit no one else seems to want. Your right as well uncle fucking festor we are moving in the same direction all the way to the bottom and beyond. Feels better to off load........... Wanker 😉

  9. don't take much effort to take piss out of this lot don't fat sam fancy taking AUSTIN

  10. as shit as we are at the moment cockney boy, we are, and always will be bigger than west ham.

  11. I'm a Leeds fan, and I am lost for words. 43 years following Leeds, and that was a new low, and God knows we have had a few of them over the years. My gut re-action is to say goodbye to Brian, he is a nice guy, but not enough passion for Leeds.

  12. Steady progress- back to the 1st division. Sack McDermott , drop 9 of the team and send captain Rudy back to Jamaica with a kilo of Marijuna in his luggage.

  13. Well done beating Emperor Tan's Red Dragons. You're still getting relegated, armchair.

  14. "properly organised and quality in the ranks" are you having a laugh or are you on Bostick? Hahaha! your still a point off the bottom but I would guess you are top of the league for red cards and in your foggy mind? you are going to escape relegation.

  15. did you stop off on your way home from Cardiff to post this blog?