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Saturday, 18 January 2014

McDermott resorts to Warnock's men but Leeds still lose

Oh dear, talk about hitting the panic button! After arriving like a breath of fresh air, Friar Brian has apparently lost his nerve and today turned the clock backwards, wafting in the stench of Warnock with a vengeance - and we are not just talking about the inclusion of Shit Brown.

Apart from Brown, a whole host of Warnock's foot soldiers either started or were introduced from the sub's bench. Podgy Kenny, young Byram, old Warnock Junior, Useless Lees, Pearce, Ruddy Austin, McCormack, Reg Varney, Hell Hadji and Peltier - that's 12 Warnock men in total who featured. No Smith, of course, he was suspended, but also no Wootten, no Mowatt, no Poleon, no Murphy, no Zaliukas, no Complete Hunt; in fact the only kids or newbies that featured were the two loanees. The Leeds Board must be wondering why they shelled out all that money!

And whilst it is true Leeds showed more fight than at Rochdale and Sheffield Wednesday, you would expect a reaction of sorts wouldn't you? And if you want "fight" then Warnock players can generally be relied upon for that; but if you want class, well it's going to be more 'under class' than aristocracy with Warnock's bruisers isn't it?

And so it proved. Warnock's Warriors huffed and puffed but failed to blow the Leicester house down, and then Leicester delivered the almost inevitable sucker punch late in the game. Mind you, it's one hell of a sucker punch when you lose to a Nugent goal - who has all the finesse of a Trabant! And from a pass by O.A.P. Phillips no less. Ouch!

So where does McDermott go from here? He claimed Warnock had left a poor squad behind, but in time of need, he turned to Warnock's men, which makes him look just a little bit silly - or absolutely desperate!

Meanwhile, Old Big Gob will be offering advice from beneath his replanted Banyan tree in Cornwall and smiling broadly at today's team selection. "Crap squad?", he might well ask, "Well if I signed crap, what does that say about the players McDermott has brought in given my lads are better than his?"


  1. You forgot to mention No Comments (apart from mine) You're desperate matey the way we played yesterday shows there's still fight to reach the play-offs whereas the way West Ham played yesterday showed they've accepted Championship football next season.

  2. youre always the same,when west ham lose you write some daft story about leeds to make yourself feel better.will you still do it when we are in the same league?

  3. An interesting piece hf. similar to the carlton cole scenario. one minute he can leave as he isnt good enough for the mighty hammers and the next hes on a short term contract but your only goal threat!!. As for us, Paddy kenny looks short on confidence. Too slow off his line for the goal and shocking distribution. Brown is a coward. 2new wide men but still we can only deliver crosses 30 yards from the by line. Good to see young Sam back in the starting line up and varney added another 50 grand onto what Blackpool will have to pay for him.
    Still really lacking a creative central midfielder.

  4. well as predicted, Leeds lost about £250,000 at the gate Saturday! No wonder he's playing Warnocks old donkeys...GFH have bailed and their share price shot through the roof today! What does that tell ya?