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Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Will Liverpool fans turn on Suarez now?

They backed him when he racially abused Evra - but what's a bit of racism between friends, when Hitler is rumoured to have lived in the city for a while, and Liverpool was built on the slave trade anyway?

They backed him when he admitted cheating to win a game against a team from the third tier of English football. But if the city turned its back on cheats, Iain Duncan-Smith wouldn't need to reform the benefit system and Britain would be one giant stride closer to escaping austerity.

They backed him when he turned cannibal, but how can a bite compare with Lucas Neill's attempt to break Jamie Carragher's leg like?

They even cheered him in Stevie Gerrard's testimonial despite his refusal to commit to the club ahead of the new season. Show him the love, make him feel one of our own, and Suarez will never walk away alone.

After all, this is Anfield! We are Liverpool! Like that matters now Liverpool can't even qualify for the Your Ropey League. And anyway, why should any Liverpool player show loyalty to the club after the way Reina was treated?

But now Suarez has come out and said what everybody knew. He doesn't just want to go, he is more desperate to get out than Ryan Giggs was when his brother walked into his marital bedroom.

How galling must this be? Like a stereotypical Scouser, Suarez has been drawing benefit without working throughout his extended close season, and now with the action about to start for everybody else, he is squealing to get out.

And we all know that he will go because if Liverpool are foolish enough to make him stay, he will be as committed to the cause as Blair was to socialism. He may dress up in a red shirt but he will be blue blue blue and will play like a velvet fist in a velvet glove.

But then Liverpool the club and its myopic fans deserve everything they don't get from Suarez. The club has demeaned itself appallingly ever since King Uncanny ordered his players to wear those infamous shirts in support of Suarez after the Evra incident. The failure to condemn the bite and to kick him out showed that the club no longer has any pride.

It's time to change that sign to "This is Shamefield!"


  1. Godwin in first line = failblog

  2. U need professional help. 5 times .

  3. You are just a fool!!! End of story!!

  4. FFS didn't know you could write a blog from an asylum???

    You cockney idiot!

  5. I don't think we all supported him. I didn't I just didn't make noise about it. This article is painfully true. But then what were we supposed to do. He was or is an LFC player, our best player. Chelsea supported Terry for his mishaps albeit mostly of the field. Giggs also received support idk if it was public in man u's case.
    First of all I'm Ghanaian. He's use to fucking with ma emotions. Let him go. Ynwa

  6. Boring Neville , very very boring zzzz