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Friday, 23 August 2013

West Brom's Clarke admits that Anelka is not in a good place!

Now I know that West Bromwich is a super sized toilet and that the Baggies are not even the Barcelona of the midlands, but it comes to something when the manager admits that a new signing is not "in a good place"!

Talking about the Incredible Sulk's threat to retire following the death of his agent and friend (and just imagine how crippled the world's economy would be if everybody refused to work when a friend died), Clarke told reporters:

"Nicolas went to Richard on Thursday and indicated that he wasn't in a good place. I went in and had a very brief chat with him, and he wasn't in a good place. So the club have decided just to give him a bit of time to go away and think about it and get himself in a better place for the future."

A better place for the future? Presumably that won't be China, but it surely has to be a long way away from the Hawthorns!

Meanwhile, news is arriving from Syria that the uprising is over because insurgents are too upset to fight on because of the death of friends. And with 2000 deaths anticipated in the UK today, we can expect a lot of people not to show up for work for a few days, even though this will mean that they cannot pay their mortgages and feed their children.

Some might say that Anelka's agent would want his friend to carry on as normal - but Anelka is, he is drawing his salary and not playing!

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