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Saturday, 24 August 2013

Ashes Splashes - A great opportunity for cricket to recover credibility tomorrow

So there's two options for tomorrow's final day of the Ashes summer. Either England could "do the professional thing" by batting on and nailing down a 3-0 series win, or the captains could get together and set up a thrilling final day. If play starts on time, England should declare immediately in return for an Australian promise to declare with the lead at 285, leaving England the remainder of the day to chase the target and giving the Aussies the chance to win the game by taking ten wickets.

Sod the draw. Cricket fans have paid good money for a ticket and after the dire third day, and the wash out today, the England team have a duty to prioritise entertainment. Even if the Aussies win, it will mean nothing. Psychologically the engineered result will prove nout, and in any case, Cook's negativity since the second test has already breathed life into the previously moribund lungs of the Australians.

I'm sure Clarke would accept any offer from Cook - he's that sort of guy - and so the onus is on England team - management and players - to show that they care about the sport. Let's pray the rain stays away, the declarations are made and, going in to the final over of the day, England need six runs to win and the Aussies one wicket.

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  1. You must Be a very sad man you seam to be totally obsessed with Leeds and correct me if I'm wrong but you are a southerner and not a Leeds fan, think you need a girlfriend or a subscription to one of those naughty channels get a life pal