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Saturday, 24 August 2013

Sheffield United's spell in Purgatory set to continue

Oh dear. Another game, another defeat for the Blunted Blades, this time against newly promoted Yorkshire rivals Bradford City. Already a gap of 8 points has widened between Shafting United and the teams at the top, and there's nothing to suggest that a push for promotion will follow anytime soon.

There's only one way of ending this nightmare spell in Purgatory, and that's for the club to pay back the £25m blood money extorted from West Ham over the Tevez affair. But, of course, that's not possible because the club have somehow frittered it away.

£25m? That would be enough to buy a team capable of winning the Championship, never mind the old Third Division, but such is the incompetence of McScab and the managers he has appointed since the departure of Old Big Gob Warnock, that Sheffield United continue to slide.

How ironic that Sheffield United's benefactor in chief, Scotty Duxbury may be back in the Prem next season with little old Watford whilst McScab's mob continue to rot in an ante room of Hell.



  1. Another powercut in the "Steel City" ??

  2. im guessing the whole sheff utd/tevez saga-period,was the last time you attended a game


  3. lol bitter much ? you tool :-)

  4. You cancer on the game

  5. I cant decide whether justice has been served enough yet.....

  6. Why don't you get around to accepting the fact that West Ham are cheats . Cheats never prosper and cheats needed to be punished

  7. Has everyone forgotten one important fact West Ham broke league rules on player contracts ie cheating and the league panel investigating lead by Mr Hammers Brooking allowed them to escape a points deduction and therefore escape relegation in the process relegating 3 teams that stuck to the rules so shut it

  8. Hit nail straight on the head! As if you can argue with this and it goes back further than the tevez incident, 'mcscab' has a habit of selling good players for pittance whilst pushing for promotion, last 3 seasons: bogdanavic, lowton, blackman and now McDonald. We have no intention to enter the transfer market and have no prolific goal scorer so i can't see us going anywhere anytime soon

    1. 25 August 2013 10:23 - Haha, I bet you are "Curtis" or "Len", you must be as you've been proved wrong yet again....

      Club debts wiped out, very Rich Saudi Prince pumping millions into the club, 2 great players at this level signed (Baxter & Cuvelier), and a very bright future ahead.

      As for the original article from the Wet Spammer... grow up and get over it.

  9. lol what a bitter mug you are