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Friday, 30 August 2013

Dare Sessegnon show his face in Sunderland again?

What a disgrace! Given the night off as his team battled for a place in the next round of the Capital One Fan Cup, pacey striker Sessegnon was arrested for drink driving. Now, of course, lots of people will get up on their high horses about that and rabbit on about how footballers should be setting an example to youngsters, blah, blah, blah.

And presumably his prospective new employers, Al-Jaish, might be just a tad concerned given Qatar is a Muslim country.

But how can you blame Sessegnon? Talk about mixed emotions! Just imagine being in his shoes. His agent rings him up and says, "Great news, I've found a way for getting you out of Sunderland" and pauses as Sessegnon ejaculates in delight and punches the air in celebration, before adding. "You're going to Qatar instead!" Talk about out of the shit hole and into the sewer!

But all of this could have been forgiven by the Blunderland fans but for one thing. Where was Sessegnon when arrested? Only in bloody Newcastle!


  1. And where are you from asshole?

  2. Oh dear another obsessed scum fan reporting on sunderland again!.. Why don't you write about newcastle and well Joke inear is doing or something......ah that's right you've got nothing to report! At least he didn't rape anyone which is exactly what some newcasle players do! Sad sad deluded newcastle!.... What a shamble and what a joke! Ha way the lads

  3. wow what a poor article. i take it this ismt your full time job

  4. Absolutely hee-rendous article and I'm not even a Sunderland fan.... Do us all a favour and keep your nib dry from now on 'hammersfan'