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Monday, 19 August 2013

Ex West Ham left back Twocapchelski leaving Leicester for QPR?

Quite how Konch managed to collect two caps and play for a club like Liverpool will puzzle historians of the game in years to come, but it appears that he will soon be swelling the West Ham connection at Loftus Road.

We have fond memories of Konch. He did a goodish job at Upton Park and, of course, scored in the greatest FA Cup Final ever, albeit he was trying to cross the ball. He only left because Alan "Turds" Curbishley hated his guts after a falling out at Charlton.

At 33, he is no spring chicken, and it is hard to see him doing any sort of job should QPR win promotion, so this looks like classic 'Arry short termism. One wonders how QPR will offload him in 12 month's time and how much in wages Fernandes will be paying to the ageing left back - he is presumably on a good whack at the moment given Leicester chucked money around like confetti under Sven, and he was signed from free spending Liverpool.

'Arry fancies him because he is a trier, and after last season, all 'Arry values is commitment. The big disappointment for West Ham fans is that he didn't fancy McCartney instead!


  1. >At 33,
    he's 32

  2. He was alright would of rather we kept him and got rid of curbs

  3. you sound so bitter and twisted r u a TROLL in your spare time?

  4. He only got 2caps cos cashley has got the leftback all to himself

  5. Dunne, jeans, hill, Johnson...all on one to two years max. IF he does sign I'd bet on one year with an option if he does enough (or we stay in Championship). Chairman said he wouldn't dish out long contracts to oldsters. Might as well play Luke Young right back and switch Simpson who can play either. Similar journeymen.