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Sunday, 15 September 2013

Sunderland fans to vote on most suitable lamp post

So it is increasingly looking like a matter of time. With Il Duce sent off yesterday for arguing with the referee and his team slipping to yet another defeat, the controversial appointment of Di Canio takes another inevitable step towards premature termination.

As his latest rant shows, this time on the touchline, Il Duce lacks the discipline necessary to earn the respect of Premiership footballers. According to the Italian, it is acceptable for him to name and shame his own players in public and now, apparently, he feels he is within his rights to challenge the authority of the referee in mid match. So what that he was right when criticising Atkinson's decision to disallow the Altidore goal, the example he set to his players was appalling. And presumably, he will not now complain the next time one of his team sees red for dissent.

But anyway, back to that vote on the most suitable lamp post. The early favourites all feature on the Millennium Way but surely the best option would be Niall Quinn who could wear the Italian like an albatross around his neck!


  1. Surely the lamp post is for Mr Atkinson!!
    Are you Joe Kinnear?

  2. So, what do you think the west ham result will b this weekend? Stick your neck out for a change and earn some credibility! Win? Lose? Draw?