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Thursday, 12 September 2013

Are Leeds about to lose Brian McDermott?

And just when everybody was aboard, wearing their "Kiss me longingly" hats, some pain in the you know what has to go and spoil it!

Somebody has just twitched the emergency cord on the Leeds United Feel Good Factor Express to the Premiership, Europe, Infinity and Beyond big time! Could it be that the Bald Controller really wants to get off early in order to secure his Manifest Destiny by taking control of the Republic of Ireland?

There's no evidence that Nice Guy Brian is even in the frame, nor that he wants the job, but that hasn't stopped speculation, purely on the basis, it seems, that he is of Irish descent. That was, of course, the basis of the last appointment to the Irish job, even though Trapattoni is Italian, because as former Leeds favourite Jack Charlton famously proved, you can find Irish blood in every bugger if you look hard enough, or inject it in his arse when FIFA aren't looking.

What are the chances of this happening? Close to zero I would say but other scaremongers out there will seize upon any eighth truth as an excuse for an article.

And to think I've been calling him the Reverend! Is the guy really a Fenian? In which case I will have to re-Christen him Father Brian. No wonder, then,  he has taken such a shine to the club's youngsters!


  1. Congratulations - You really are the lowest form of lowlife ever to grace the football community, ever prepared to plumb to new depths in your determination to offend. Lots of documented evidence that B-Mac is interested in the job. Unlike you however, he has integrity by the bucket-load and makes his decisions wisely - which is why he manages one of greatest clubs in England, and you spend your time regurgitating tired Leeds articles like some sad old tarred witch spitting feathers about something that is ultimately of no consequence to you! Supremely sad, supremely pointless, supremely pathetic.

  2. Implying our manager is a paedophile, you're a lowlife disgrace. No wonder your fellow hammers fans shun you.