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Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Vydra exit will expose Watford's vulnerability because of Lend Lease strategy

So it looks as if Vydra is off. Despite his goals drying up badly over the last couple of months of the season, the Udinese player is a wanted man, and his agent "can't imagine" him playing in the Championship next season.

Big deal, some may think, this happens all the time. A player does well at a little club like Watford, and a bigger team comes in for him, offering him a shot at the big time, and a big fat contract into the bargain. Look at Ashley Young!

But the big difference, of course, is that when Young joined Aston Villa, Watford pocketed  the transfer fee; but now, when Vydra moves on, it will be Udinese that receives the dosh, leaving Watford without their star man and without money to compensate.


  1. Except that because Watford are owned by Udinese they do benefit, albeit indirectly.

    They will either be given money to buy a replacement or will receive a quality player on loan who would be all too keen to follow in Vydra's footsteps.

    It's a win win for Watford. Zola (or whoever is is in charge at the time) having to find new players will always be the case when Watford unearth, or present, a gem.

    The big difference being that it will only be IF the money is right. So it is the bigger clubs who pay the bigger price of Udinese's involvement......not Watford!

  2. Another clueless post! You really need to do your homework before posting such rubbish. I'm not even going to try and bother explaining it to you.

    1. Agreed. We have a saying in the Army. "If a man dies when you hang him, keep hanging him until he gets used to it." Mr Braindead whould be swing from that rope forever and a day!!! HA HA !

  3. Oh no thats it its all over. Watford are finished! Vydra wants to leave, all the loans have gone Udinese wont send anyone else and the new owners are running a mile from the club. Its all doom and gloom. Bring back Iwelumo and Garner all is forgiven!! LOL

  4. Even if Vydra leaves - so what! There are other players out there who will slot in beside Deeney.
    Vydra is a good player but not irreplaceable, and remember other than the Play-Off 2nd leg against Leicester, he had been poor for some time.

  5. Wrong again/ as usual. The money from Young went to pay for a bunch of senior support staff who soon disappeard and Nathan Ellington; I am guessing even your poor research will let you know how that went. Oh and Young also joined Aston Villa not Man Utd but clearly that escaped you as well.

    Your last para is simply incoherent and frankly thick; which part of Watford beng owned by the same people as Udinese has escaped you? The money does not go to Udinese, it goes to our owners the same as every other club!

    If you are going to continue to trash Watford at least buy yourself a little cred by making your case at least make some semblence of sense.

  6. Yet another fatuous post. Your ignorance is unique. I think you'll find Ashley Young was at Villa so Watford only got a percentage due to a sell-on clause and did not "Pocket", as you so elequently cite, the fee.

  7. You seem well briefed on events at Watford, so I do not understand why you cannot grasp the concept of what is going on at the club.

    Vydra is a Udinese player, so of course Watford would not get any money from a sale, just as Chalobah is a Chelsea player.

    Watford benefited greatly last season from the use of these players and came very close to promotion. This is where they will make their money, when they go up.

    Of course the Pozzo's could just give them Vydra just as they did with Forestieri and he's worth a few million.

    It's not too difficult to work out. Abramovic gives Chelsea lots of money, whereas the Pozzo's give Watford wealth in a different way, with players.

    If Vydra does go, do you really think the Pozzo's would not give Watford a player of similar quality to replace him? If that is what you think then you are quite foolish.

    The Pozzo's want to make money on the back of Watford's success. They have the means to do this and will put this in place this season.

    Expect many of the loan players to sign for free and a few more of similar quality to come over just to improve the club to the level it needs to be, to come in the top two.

    You may not like it, but that's the way it is. Apart from making snide comments everyday, there's nothing you can really do about it.

    1. You may be right. Or you may be wrong. If I was a Udinese fan, I wouldn't be happy if the club's players were simply given to Watford and I would be intrigued to see how the authorities would respond.

    2. Actually most Udinese fans are thrilled of having a team to support in the UK. A number came over to watch games at the latter part of the season. They are keen for Watfords success as much as us. It is true if we go up to the PL at any time they will benefit. And why shouldnt they, its no longer just Watford, our success is as the 3 clubs.
      Oh and the authorities......they couldnt really give a toss.

    3. If Udinese gives Watford players then I would think that not many of the Udinese fans would actually know who they are as they wouldn't be first team regulars.

      It would be like West Ham giving an associated club Callum Driver. I am sure that most West Ham fans would say "Callum who?"

    4. Well for starters if you were you'd be watching better football than at Fat Sam's academy of route 1.

      How the authorities would respond to one club legitimately signing one player from another for an agreed fee between the two of them? What are you talking about? If that was a problem they can simply sign them for Watford direct!

    5. harry down under5 June 2013 at 15:24

      FYI, Udinese fans love us and we love them.

      Many fans have been over to see our sister club play and have all been given a great welcome.

      Your ill informed posts are just without any basis.

      You really ought to focus more on your club than to try and belittle us as you clearly know nothing

  8. Watford are no longer a little club because of the Pozzo's involvement. Vydra's agent is touting him round because he needs the dosh of a move. Two years left he goes where the Pozzos say or someone coughs up a big transfer fee - no longer the little Watford rolling over. (he is way beyond the reach of little clubs like West Ham).

  9. More bollocks from the man with too much time on his hands who likes to stir it up with his wacky take on football. Once again, ill informed, incorrect... I'm boycotting this blog, its just wannabe red top shit.

  10. blah blah blah blah blah. I don't know why people even read this rubbish let alone respond to it.

    Some half wit posts a comment and we all feel we need to correct him.

    Leave him to it after all they do say "ignorance is bliss"!

    This guy must be in heaven.

  11. to be fair you haven't got a clue.

    The bottom line, a player does well, he gets linked with a "big" club in the premier league.

    The agent will always try to engineer a move for his client (after all they're all money grabbing gits).

    Players want to play at the highest level you can't blame them...

    I don't want to play for Southend any more because Watford want me.

    I don't want to play for Watford any more because Villa want me.

    I don't want to play for Villa any more because Man Utd want me.

    Does this transfer money go the clubs concerned, no it goes on new players, player wages & agents fees!

    At least Watford have a line of new players we don't have to pay for. Lucky really.

    Sorry, I can't resist, I don't want to play for West Ham anymore, their fans spout rubbish.

  12. Hey .... blogger ..... you are by far, the most ignorant person to write about this subject. You pluck a statement out of thin air, and then just assume that your views are correct. You know nothing about Watford, apart from what you read by slightly more intelligent writers than yourself. Udinese fans love the Pozzo family, they just qualified again for Europe. They couldn't care less about Vydra ... he only made 2 appearances in 3 years for them, due to injury. Dumb brain, research your facts before writing codswallop. Udinese and Watford sing from the same wallet, it is not a "them" and "us", it is a "we". Please try and digest that one small fact, before you go to watch West Ham in your new free, tax payer funded, metal structure.

  13. Shocking Original post by Hammersfan. Very naive and ill thought through. Watford are in a win win. - Chairman makes money on player sales, Chairman then brings in more decent players. Simple!

  14. He does this for leeds United also

  15. Don't waste your words fellow hornets. this person has no idea what he is writing about. Same tripe different day.

  16. how about the Spanish player that turned down west ham? didn't want to play that ugly brand of hoofball. where the article?