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Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Swansea's sacking of Laudrup is sheer madness

Well we have seen some mad sackings down the years, but the dismissal of Michael Laudrup has to rank as one of the craziest of all time. What's his crime exactly? Winning a domestic cup and so saddling the club with a campaign in the Your Ropey League? Or doing so well after taking the reins from Brendan Rodgers that sitting twelfth in the Premiership at the beginning of February isn't good enough?

Dear God, surely some context is needed! Yes Swansea are on a bad run and they were truly dire at Upton Park, even after Carroll had been dismissed, but most Swansea fans would have given their right arms to be in twelfth place at this stage of the campaign when the season kicked off back in August.

Yes the margins are desperately tight, with Stoke leap frogging up to eleventh for eighteenth on the back of one home win, but that cuts both ways. Swansea are two points above the drop zone after an away game; that could easily be back up to five after Swansea host Cardiff on Saturday. And five points is a decent buffer!

I would gladly have Laudrup at West Ham. He has a great eye for a player and encourages his team to play the game in the right way - and one day he will manage a top, top team. The Swansea board have over reacted and hit the panic button and personally I hope they get what they now deserve - relegation!


  1. Huw jenkins must go he is ruining the swans signing has been players wont be a bit surprised if were back in the championship next season just remember we belong to the supporters not a failed useless so called businessman

  2. was shocked and sorry to hear this news.Now the fact's are coming out.Seem's thing's were a lot worse than we were led to believe.two day piss up for an awful display against west ham,while he swans (soz pun) off to paris.Something seriously wrong.

  3. you've only got to feel for the fans. The morons who run football clubs nowadays beggar belief

  4. wow that's why you follow/ ridicule? Leeds! one reply! Attention seeker.
    Mammy why didn't you cuddle me? Daddy where are you? haha. You blow more than a bent rent boy

  5. Disagree completely. Any Team that loses a game to the shambolic West Ham should have the Manager fired-no questuion!

  6. stick to winding leeds fans up you knob head. due to them being a bigger club than Swansea and west ham, you get more replies to feed your ego.

  7. One wonders Hammersfan if your hope for Swansea getting relegated is more about securing another Team in a relegation spot so as to avoid your own lot doing the drop?
    Game for game, they have played better football this season than West Ham...this makes your lot more deserved of relegation!